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As we sit back and enjoy the results of tonight’s Ohio GOP primary, we wanted to take a look at how the long primary process has affected Mitt Romney’s polling in Ohio and how it compares to President Obama. And we’re looking at two key demographic groups, women and independents, two voting blocks that will be essential for the ultimate winner. We looked at Quinnipiac polls dating back to January, 2011. All polls are available here.

First, how are the two candidates doing in a head to head match-up? Among women, Obama has been winning against Romney since […]

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Given his surging poll numbers and corresponding media attention, I was sure that GOP Presidential candidate Rick Santorum was alienating women at a furious pace, with his out of the mainstream proclamations that contraception is “bad for women” and against insurance coverage for prenatal testing. These are not Democratic or Republican issues, so surely even GOP women would be alarmed that a candidate for President was talking about returning us to an era when women would not benefit from science that can detect fetal illness or abnormality or allow a woman to choose when and how often to […]

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There are a couple of things you should never do in a hotly contested political campaign.  The first is look like you’re picking on a great-grandmother who is grateful to her local firefighters for saving her great-granddaughter’s life.   The other thing is that you don’t have as the public face of your campaign an unpopular politician who is under water by double-digits in his approval/disapproval rating and have him travel the State delivering your message.   The brain trust that is the Building a Better Ohio campaign did both in the past month, and it’s had the predictable effect on Issue […]

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Organizing for America was the effort to get the signatures necessary to place HB 194 on a referendum next year.  It’s why you could vote as early as this Tuesday on Issue 2.

We’ve sure had to send a lot of petitions to the Ohio Secretary of State’s office this year to keep the Republicans in Columbus in check, huh?

Yes, that’s Ohio Democratic Chairman Chris Redfern with the bullhorn and Franklin County Democratic Chairman/Ohio State Director for Obama for America Greg Schultz.

There’s a reason we’re called the Democratic Party.   And it’s because we don’t fear people […]

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In an incumbent race where the challenger is largely unknown, conventional polling wisdom is the incumbent’s scoring on whether people think the incumbent deserves re-election is the most accurate predictor of the general election result.  An incumbent in the low 40s or below is in serious trouble, but an incumbent with 50% or more is viewed as an almost certain bet to win re-election.

According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, Sherrod Brown would fall in the latter, but President Obama the former.  Brown is, by far, the most popular elected official in the State of Ohio as the only […]

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Why does Governor Kasich support parts of the President’s American Jobs Act? Simple. It takes the pain away from his budget and makes it easier for him to pass even more tax cuts as the federal and local governments are left to cover more and more of the costs of government in Ohio. Also, let’s face it, Kasich needs to do something to appear to be more centric than he’s shown the past seven months.

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In 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama won Ohio by five-points.  Four years later, Ohioans are split on whether Obama deserves a second term with 46% approving and 47% disapproving.  However, when it comes to the lackluster ’12 GOP Presidential field, Obama leads front-runner Mitt Romney by four points.  Obama’s approval rating is 46% and his disapproval rating is 50%.  So, while Ohioans equally disapprove of the job both Obama and Kasich are doing, Obama’s approval rating towers over Kasich by a difference of eleven points.

Sherrod Brown has the highest approval rating among Kasich, Portman, and Obama.  With 49% approving and 30% disapproving.  […]

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On Friday it was announced that John Boehner had invited John Kasich to his golf game with President Obama, and Obama’s people seem to have ok’d the invite.

I honestly sat there and shook my head saying WTF! when I heard that news. And I know I’m not the only one.

Supposedly Boehner invited Kasich to be the fourth member of the party and Obama’s people said yes. But I can come with no good reason why President Obama should have agreed – and tons of reasons why he should have said no.

The whole point of playing with […]

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This morning, Quinnipiac released its data on the Presidential and Senate races in Ohio. Quinnipiac finds that Ken Blackwell has a substantial lead among GOP primary voters over State Treasurer Josh Mandel and former State Senator (Disclosure: I sued him once) Kevin Coughlin.

Blackwell also polls the best against Sherrod Brown of the three GOP candidates tested. I don’t think Ken Blackwell began this year thinking about running for the U.S. Senate, but I bet he is now that yet another poll shows him as the prohibitive GOP frontrunner. (I’m not kidding.)

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Just because he called the bailout of GM “throwing good money after bad,” apparently, didn’t stop Governor Kasich from going up to Toledo to participate in GM’s announcement that it was adding 400 jobs there. I wonder if they served him crow for lunch?

Meanwhile, ODP takes the opportunity to attack… Ken Blackwell over his opposition to the GM bailout that the non-lawyer called potentially “illegal.” Being a Republican means never having to admit you were wrong.

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Haven’t heard a peep from John McCain today, yet, even though he was on “Face the Nation” yesterday morning tearing Obama a new one over his foreign policies.

Obama was roundly criticized by Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden when they were rivals of Obama’s during the Democratic nomination fight.  Then, McCain and the Republicans attacked Obama over his willingness to go it alone and take unilateral action in Pakistan if it meant taking out Osama bin Laden.

Obama might have finally put to rest the nonsense that Democrats are “weak” on terrorism and wrong on foreign policy […]

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