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YaY AIG Outrage!

On March 24, 2009 By

NEW YORK (Reuters) – In an ironic twist, public anger about massive bonuses at bailed-out insurer American International Group may have helped big investors land a sweeter deal in the U.S. government’s latest financial rescue plan.

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Early Take on AIG Hearing

On March 18, 2009 By

So the Republican talking point is that AIG never should have been given any money and the stimulus should have never been passed.

The Democratic talking point is that AIG executives should not be so greedy.

Rinse. Repeat.

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Paulson. Bush. Remember Them?

On March 18, 2009 By

Apparently nobody does. Funny how, in light of the bonus outrage, nobody calls it “The Paulson Plan” anymore. Hard to make political hay out of something if you have to bash your own side in order to get to your opponent I guess.

Some remember:

I’m still totally amazed at the excessive bonus outrage on the right. Welcome to the party boys! Your party has been allowing us to get ripped off for years. Now you want accountability? That’s funny, right there.

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Anyone else want to see a debate between this guy and Joe the Non-Plumber?

Spoken word and poetry slams are two of my favorite forms of expression. That and blogs. 😉

(ht BI)

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Those Republicans cheering this might want to think twice about what just happened. Your Presidential candidate – who supported the plan and said he’d vote for it – just finished the dramatic move of “suspending” his campaign to come to Washington to make it appear as if he brokered a deal.

There is no deal. McCain can’t even lead his own party. This will be viewed as utter failure.

Secondly, while some are noting anecdotal evidence of 10-1 calls into congressional offices against this bill, the American people as a whole either did not know what to […]

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Free Market Ho!

On September 19, 2008 By

So taxpayers are about to pay $500 billion o $1 trillion dollars at the request of the Bush administration to bail out private enterprise. We now own (you and I) 80% of AIG after we gave them $85 billion. I do expect to begin seeing some kind of dividend check at some point. Right.

Can we stop talking about “free markets” yet?

This is one hell of a way to save John “Dishonorable” McCain – and the guy can’t even figure out which angle to take on this. LOL. Is he a regulator or a de-regulator? Is he […]

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