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An ODB Shout Out!

On July 29, 2009 By

Plunderbund got a video shout out today from Ohio Daily Blog – also one of our favorites for some time. We also liked Anthony’s previous blog Blue Ohioan. You’ll note the killer tee Anthony sports in the video. You should have one too. The first series from a couple years ago were quickly sold out, so you can’t pretend to be OP (Original Plunderbund), but you can get one! They’re only $15 (same price as in 2007!

Get a PlunderTee

Thanks Anthony. Pre-sh8 the luv d00d.

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Sarah and the Supremes

On September 30, 2008 By

Anthony Fossaceca at BlueOhioan crawls deep in the recesses of Sarah Palin’s brain to try to understand why she can’t recall more than one Supreme Court case (you guessed it: Roe v. Wade) even though a recent one impacted her state profoundly. Part of me thinks Anthony is helping with her debate prep here. LOL.

What is going on with this person? I can’t tell if she’s scared, dumb, lucky, sly, clever, dim, or charming.

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