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Lyndsey Teter of The Other Paper has today’s must-read story profiling John Kasich’s infamous temper tantrums over the year.  When my son acts up, he gets time out.  John Kasich instead runs for President and Governor.  Kids are weird.  The Other Paper asks, "Does Ohio need an SOB as Governor?"

Teter describes a number of embarrassing events in Kasich’s past of treating working class people like second-class citizens compared to himself:

Kasich threw a hissy in the late 1980s in a grocery store because the manager wouldn’t reopen the store’s video store section so he could rent “The […]

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The Angry GOP is Back

On September 3, 2008 By

So Sarah Palin’s mean. A “Pit Bull in lipstick”. The angry GOP is back:

Libruls! Evil! Run! Hide! Save Amurica!

I don’t think this is the year that anger will work. I don’t think anyone but the far right base (which has been shrinking) really wants to hear this.

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