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Since Barack Obama was elected president, the opportunity to seize national security credibility from Republicans for the long term has been there for the taking, and awaiting only a few things. ?Capture or death of Osama Bin Laden is the big prize, of course. ?But the inevitable attempted terrorist attack on Barack Obama’s watch, and the Republican response to it, offers the same opportunity.

The Christmas Day attack has given Barack the best of all worlds. ?Thank God, the attack failed, hilariously. ?Just as hilarious has been the utterly predictable Republican attack in response, whose main effect is to […]

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One of my favorite Monty Python skits ever takes on a new meaning when Al Qaeda is resorting to deployment of whiny rich kids who can’t even blow up their own testicles properly.

What I find most amusing about Al Qaeda’s finest is how familiar their journeys look. ?These were the guys in college who showed up on campus freshman year in the Jaguar mommy bought them for high school graduation, had their grandmas flown in on the Cessna for Parents Weekend, (because Granny flying commercial just isn’t done), refused to eat the cafeteria food, wouldn’t go to the […]

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To those who think Barack Obama didn’t change this country enough for their liking, […]

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