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According to the Renewable Energy Policy Project, more than 20,000 new manufacturing jobs can be created in Ohio in the coming years with investment in and from the “green” economy. Four town hall meetings – on June 23 in Cincinnati, June 24 in Findlay, June 25 in Canton and June 26 in Cleveland – will offer community members a chance to learn more about opportunities for high-paying domestic jobs in renewable energy, clean technology and “green” manufacturing, while also discussing environmental and economic risks associated with accelerated climate change.

In conjunction with Vice President Al Gore’s We Campaign, […]

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Al Gore has FINALLY endorsed Barack Obama.

He’s even got a link to contribute to the Obama campaign at

They’ll be appearing together tonight in Detroit.


Here’s the video:

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Gore-Obama in ’08?

On November 14, 2007 By

Talk about a couple of Dem Rockstars. What would a Gore-Obama ticket do? AdAge’s Bob Garfield thinks he knows:

If Barack Obama joined a Gore-Obama ticket and turned over his organization and war chest to Gore, they would sweep the primaries and be unbeatable next November. And Obama would become the odds-on favorite to succeed president Gore in 2012 or 2016.

I’m not so sure Obama himself couldn’t do the same. My favorite ticket has always been Edwards-Obama. I think Obama is hitting his stride and Hillary continues to take heat from all sides. The thought of Gore and […]

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Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize

On October 12, 2007 By

In a clear liberal conspiracy, Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to raise awareness about global climate change.

Congrats Al. Keep up the good work.

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A rather curious poll came to light yesterday; amongst the current field of Democratic presidential candidates, Clinton has a large lead with 37% to Obama’s 19%, with no one else north of 10%.

However, if you throw Al Gore’s name into the mix, the situation shifts dramatically.

Al Gore, however, could enter the race as the leader. When his name is added, Clinton loses more than a quarter of her support, while Gore is backed by 32 percent.

As much as it hurts Clinton if Gore enters the race, it appears it must hurt the other candidates even more […]

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Time gets the exclusive excerpt of the new Gore book which was announced over a year ago. It was thought then that it would produce more speculation on Al’s run for President in ’08 and that might happen. My guess is the smart money is on him not getting in the race. I think at this point the field is too crowded with too much talent and Al knows his high draft status window has come and gone.

He also seems to realize that being the Prez isn’t the only way to get things done and is on […]

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