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Leave it to Michael Steele to get me to start writing a coherent blog post again.  Here’s what I wrote after Barack’s speech announcing the escalation in Afghanistan.

The most important takeaway for me is that next summer will be the hottest in Afghanistan since the war began. The new troops will all have arrived, and a spring offensive will certainly be coming from the Taliban. That means this strategy will succeed or fail by the end of 2010.

I expect it will succeed.

We have arrived at “next summer” and June was the deadliest month in the entire […]

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Here’s the Afghanistan portion of today’s interview with Jennifer Brunner. ?We talked about other stuff, that’ll come next week. ?Some thoughts.

Jennifer clearly seems conflicted about the Afghanistan situation. ?I respect that she’s changed her position, but change her position she did. ?We discussed drones in Pakistan, Al Qaeda, and how Jennifer would vote on funding for the war if Senator. ?We’ll have to agree to disagree on the troop increase announced this month.

Bottom line, I came away supporting Jennifer more than I did before, largely because this discussion occurred. ?This kind of engagement with voters says a lot […]

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Video of the Jennifer Brunner interview we live streamed today will be available on Youtube later today. ?Thanks to all who watched online. ?More thoughts later, but generally, we all found Jennifer very forthcoming, and we appreciate the opportunity to engage. ?Stay tuned for video.

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Join us today at 11am when we’ll be interviewing Jennifer Brunner on her position related to Afghanistan.? We’ll be spending 30 minutes with the candidate for U.S. Senate and will be streaming the discussion live.? We’ll also be shooting some regular video and will post for those unable to view the live stream.

See you at 11am. To comment and interact, go here.

Note: The live stream concluded at 11:30am today. Thanks for those who watched. It was fun learning a bit about We will probably do these more often as the situation warrants. We forgot to […]

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I’m having one hell of a rotten month, so this game we’ve been playing with the Brunner campaign is supremely ill-timed.? But I’m gonna take something positive from it.? WARNING – inside blog drama below.

It was almost exactly four years ago that I and other bloggers reported – that’s right, reported – on another US Senate candidate’s public words, after which said US Senate candidate sent a brigade of anonymous commenting goons out to destroy the messengers, plural.? On that occasion, the reporting wasn’t even about a policy position.? It was about total idiocy.? There was no engagement from […]

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We’ve just been notified, 2.5 hours ahead of time, that Jennifer Brunner needs to reschedule the interview her campaign requested to clarify her position on Afghanistan, scheduled themselves, and announced unilaterally through their blogger Jeff Coryell on Saturday around midnight.

What the hell is going on over there?

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We’ve nailed down a BlogTalk interview with Jennifer Brunner for tomorrow, 10 am, right here at Plunderbund.? For the record, this interview was at the Brunner campaign’s request, in response to this post noting that Jennifer Brunner supported Barack Obama’s increase in troops to Afghanistan in February, which she now opposes.

This Saturday, just before midnight, Brunner campaign blogger Jeff Coryell wandered into a day and a half old Kos diary to leave a lonely comment defending the flip flop.? This morning, Plunderbund’s Modern Esquire forensically demolishes Coryell’s logically challenged, strained to the point of absurdity, […]

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And announces a Brunner appearance on Plunderbund, Tuesday at 10am, to have a “debate” about Afghanistan.? We have yet to confirm any of that on our end, but I guess Jeff gets to make those decisions for all of us!

I’m not going to address Jeff’s arguments, as he claims to not be speaking for the campaign.? I find that odd, given that he is staff.? However, I do look forward to asking Jennifer about this, and when we do confirm it, we’ll let you know.

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To all the anti-war pacifists in my party.? Please remember the following.

No Democratic candidate for president in 2008 who advocated what you now advocate made it past the Iowa caucuses.

Not one.

If Barack Obama had changed his Afghanistan proposals, which he has held to, without variation, for more than 3 solid years, to what you now advocate, at any time while he ran for president, we’d now have President John McCain and Vice President Sarah Palin.

The Democratic Party electorate beyond this website didn’t just reject every presidential candidate advocating what you now advocate – that electorate buried […]

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When Jennifer Brunner announced her candidacy in February in a thread at BSB, I asked her point blank about a troop increase in Afghanistan.

Jennifer, as a US Senator, you will be an integral part of the foreign policy decision making of the country. What is your vision of the US role in the world going forward, and specifically, how would you vote on troop increases to Afghanistan?

Here’s Jennifer’s answer, titled “The Resurgence of Al Qaeda”

The resurgence of al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan is the greatest threat to our national security. I […]

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Add to the base pandering list one Jennifer Brunner. Jennifer decided to go the route of the panderers even before Obama’s speech, which she spent being featured at a women’s forum. We call that pot shots from the cheap seats. If you have a strong principled stand against the President’s plans in Afghanistan you might want to have a forum on that during an important speech.

Hell, if you had a principled stand against escalation in Afghanistan you might campaign against the candidate who said in the campaign that he’d do just that. Jennifer, if I remember correctly, didn’t do […]

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