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Despite enduring weeks of negative ads, many of which featured outright lies, Rich Cordray has held his own in the race for Governor, pulling into a tie in two recent polls.

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Mike DeWine has a big problem trying to follow the Republican playbook of running on “law and order,” and it’s obvious just by looking at his first campaign ad.

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…but I supposed the PeeDee and their coherts in the dead tree media will figure out a way that this ad is false and misleading. Bunch of bought and paid for schmucks.

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That’s question (and a good one) that Jonathan Chait asks:

Obama’s strategy seems predicated on convincing voters that they really, really like the inexperienced black guy with the foreign-sounding name. Convincing them not to vote for the other guy, the one who embraces the least popular president in modern history, sounds like a better bet to me.

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I mean, seriously. Do they smoke crack in meetings? First they criticize Obama for ditching troops in an ad that contains video of him visiting troops, now they put out an ad that when you watch it all you can think is:

“Fuck alot of people come out for Barack Obama”

“He’s the biggest celebrity in the world”

Damn, that’s a HUGE concession that I wouldn’t be willing to make. Joe America is probably going to at least ask “well, if he’s that popular something must be up”. The beginning of this ad almost looks like it could […]

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Apparently, having a Republican heap praise on a Democrat running for President is not so good for another Republican who happens to be running for the same job. Back during the primary, Illinois State Senator Kirk Dillard (R-Hinsdale) was featured in an Obama ad talking about how the Senator did great work in Illinois getting both sides to work together (ie: get shit done).

John McCain has but the kibosh on any of that kind of talk. The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Dillard has sent a letter to Obama strategist David Axelrod asking him not […]

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You Can’t Have Him

On June 17, 2008 By

Very nice. Humanize the faceless ones who will have to do the dying in McCain’s 100 Year War:

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“Politics didn’t lead me to working people, working people led me to politics”

That’s a great line.

Also running in Indiana:

Both are very good spots. He’s had problems with the “blue collar” or “working class” demographic because in my view they don’t know him and white working class just can’t seem to relate to him. An ad won’t change that for the most part but this is a strong argument and tells a great deal about how they should see him as more like them than Hillary. Whether they will or not remains to be seen.


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Willie Horton Redux

On April 22, 2008 By

Yep. The bastards are back!

Starting Tuesday, a group of conservative activists led by Floyd Brown, author of the famous Willie Horton ad used so effectively against Michael Dukakis in 1988, will begin a campaign to tar Obama as weak on crime and terrorism, a strategy that aims to upend Obama’s relatively strong reputation among Republican voters.

The original:

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