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SEIU, Ohio AFL-CIO, and AFSCME all presently have scheduled training sessions so people know how to properly circulate the petition to submit SB 5 to a popular referendum once the Ohio Attorney General’s office approves the ballot language. We’re NOT sure which ones beyond SEIU are open to the public versus just their union members (perhaps all), so let us know what you here when you sign up. If you’re aware of any others, please let me know.

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The Ohio House Republicans ran in 2010 on job creation. They even had an entire platform of job-related bills they said they’d pass. As they self-congratulate themselves over their first 100 days in power, why is that 11 of the fifteen bills they highlight passing have nothing to do with jobs? And why did they spend more time on abortion than the budget or job creation?

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The second King John finishes signing his name to SB 5 starts the time in which we can begin to work to repeal it.  However, I ask from you for some patience.   Right now, there is effort to get all the stakeholders unified into one cohesive group… that’s not an easy task.  We don’t want six separate referendum efforts going on.  So right now, the labor unions, activists, and the Ohio Democratic Party are all working out their respective roles.  There is a cornucopia of interested parties, all of which have differing opinions and 

Second, before there can be […]

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Live Primary Election Blog Talk Radio show Tuesday night from 10pm-12am.

Guest call-in number: (347) 327-9877 – (877) 503-5037

Listen and chat live here

Join us on primary election night for a special internet radio show live here starting at 10 p.m.

We have a few folks calling in, taking questions about their race, and talking about the general election.? Our guests will include:

Governor Ted Strickland (confirmed) U.S. Democratic Senate candidate/Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner (confirmed) Democratic Secretary of State candidate Maryellen O’Shaughnessy (confirmed) Ohio Treasurer Kevin Boyce (confirmed) Ohio House Majority Whip Jay Goyal (D-73) (confirmed) […]

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Only a few weeks after sending out a statewide Republican ballot promoting Jon Husted and Yost’s “Tea Party values,” the ORP sent YET ANOTHER statewide Republican sample ballot mailer, this time with no Tea Party references.

Of course, they still label Husted with the word “conservative” like Frank Lutz with ideological Tourette’s Syndrome.

Only two weeks left to the GOP primary, and yet despite a national Tea Part protest, the Ohio GOP is in open war with the Tea Party, not a single ORP-endorsed candidate spoke at any of the large Tea Party rallies in Ohio, and John Kasich, the […]

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According to the latest update on the Springboro Tea Party website, the only scheduled speaker at this Saturday’s Tea Party rally is … Sonny Thomas, Founder of the Springboro Tea Party.

And he might not even be available… unless he is released on bond in time.

Because the DDN reported today he turned himself to police to face charges of menacing and violating a protection order.

But, hey, he at least made national TV cable news…

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The Dayton Daily News is going to have to change his name to the Sonny Thomas Daily News.  Today, the family of DDN papers is reporting that Sonny Thomas is a wanted man.  Apparently, he allegedly violated a protection order taken out by the mother of his son by showing up to her house unexpected.

In other news, a reader forwarded us a post on his MySpace page from when Ted Kennedy died that makes clear he’s not just a big Bee Gees fan, but should be in the Klan (and I don’t mean Wu Tang.)


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And Lee Fisher’s campaign refuses to even confirm to the traditional media that his campaign has formally asked for an endorsement.

74,000 e-mails were sent out in the first 48 hours alone.  And given that the Brunner campaign didn’t send it out until late Friday, there’s a good chance that they’ll be another smaller surge today as some people are just learning about it for the first time.

Here’s the message from Brunner campaign manage David Dettman to supporters this morning:

You have spoken collectively with strength and vigor.  In the first 48 hours you sent over 74,000 e-mails to […]

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“Scoop” Keeling gets yet another Ohio news story completely wrong.

Remember how the conservative Buckeye Institute claimed that their private RICO lawsuit forced ACORN into a settlement that kicked it out of Ohio and from any voter registration or GOTV efforts altogether in the State?

Yeah, it turns out that just like the overblown allegations of voter fraud, it was completely meritless.

From the Associated Press, we learn that the settlement agreement did not force ACORN to surrender its business license in Ohio at all:

ACORN also has agreed to surrender its Ohio business license and […]

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This is the funniest Ohio teabagging video NOT shot by Tim or Eric (Awesome Show, Great Job!).

Second Amendment….. YEEEEESSSS!  CPA! CPA!  Constitution.  WHOOOO!

They’re mostly protesting Mike DeWine’s nomination as AG, but it’s being held while the Ohio GOP’s Executive Committee is endorsing David Yost over Dayton Teabagging favorite freshman House Member/CPA!!!! Seth Morgan.

And the sirens at the end?  Yeah, Matt Hurley at WMD repotrs that it was the Ohio GOP that called the police over the nonviolent, peaceful Teabagging protestors:

Where is Mr. “I was Tea Party before there was a Tea […]

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Stupak is the Pitts.

On November 20, 2009 By

A guest post from Kelley Bell, courtesy of The Huffington Post:

A firestorm is coming. Can you feel it? The women of this country are fuming, like steam in a pressure cooker the timer is about to go off, and these women are going to explode.

After a long and difficult debate on health care, The Stupak/Pitts Amendment passed The House 240 to 194 with 64 Democrats breaking from the party platform to add an amendment to the bill further restricting legal abortion. The move was underhanded, disgusting and unforgivable to the women in the pro-choice movement because […]

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