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Governor Kasich has made it perfectly clear that he will not raise taxes to deal with the State’s projected budget deficit created now that there is no more stimulus money to aid the States during the recession.

But yesterday in the Dispatch, Gov. Kasich made another claim:

But Kasich has said that shouldn’t mean simply slashing spending, especially for services for the state’s neediest residents. Passing a budget will entail restructuring and telling special-interest groups "no," Kasich told legislators.

Guys, there’s only one way to balance a budget with a projected $8 billion deficit without raising taxes and […]

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The Associated Press is reporting that the Obama Administration is ready to declare that it is diverting the $400 million awarded to Ohio for the 3C train plan and the $800 million awarded to Wisconsin and instead give the money to California, Illinois, and New York—who have Governors who are more than happy to use federal funding to develop passenger rail service in their States.

That’s $400 million in federal economic development funding for a project that was projected to create over 10k jobs throughout Ohio that is now on the express train to other States.


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Strickland Kasich 3C Letter

The Dispatch doesn’t even provide its website readers a link to the full letter, even though its available on the Governor’s website.  Instead, it presents the whole thing as a “he said, he said,” never once actually noting that much of what Kasich claims are bunk.

Kasich repeated that there are too many unanswered questions about how many people would ride the train, how fast it would go […]

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Gang, meet the Westshore Corridor Transportation Project.  It’s a plan to improve the existing freight rail line along Lake Erie, upgrade it, and start a commuter passenger rail service.

It won’t ever move faster than car traffic.  It will require government subsidies to stay operational.  And John Kasich’s campaign has told the Morning Journal that John Kasich supports it.

The project is entirely different from the 3C high speed railroad between Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, a $400 million program in the engineering phases, Erie County Commissioner Bill Monaghan said.

The 3C project was awarded $400 million […]

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Remember that you read it here first.

This morning, the Columbus Dispatch reported that a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Education has confirmed that Kasich’s plan to scrap Governor Strickland’s evidence-based model of school funding and school reforms very likely will jeopardize the State’s ability to keep the $400 million in federal “Race to the Top” education funding.

Justin Hamilton, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Education, said yesterday that Ohio could lose the money which it won in competition with other states if it fails to follow the proposal it offered.

"States won Race to […]

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