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They’re baaack!  As we finish up the GOP nomination circus and begin to head into general election talk, we’ll begin to focus more on the re-election of Barack Obama here on PB.  One thing we know for sure about this period of the election is that the familiar smears will be back in force against President Obama.  Many of you will remember the run up to the historic election in 2008 and the many ugly email chains that were a big part of the desperate attempt to prevent Barack Obama from becoming President.

The campaign launched a valiant effort and […]

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Mitt Romney will be in Ohio tomorrow for his first visit to The Buckeye State for the 2012 Presidential Cycle.  He’ll be in Pataskala visiting Screen Machine Industries as well as fundraisers in both Columbus and Cleveland.

Let’s all welcome this Wolverine fan, shall we?

Can I get an OH?

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Barack Obama and Ohio in 2012

On November 3, 2010 By

In 1994, as a field staffer in Cuyahoga County, the day after the election was so depressing, all I wanted to do was see Bill Clinton on the TV.  It was a strange, helpless feeling.  Today, I kinda had the same feeling when Barack Obama came out to the East Room for a press conference after taking, in his words, “a shellacking”.

When Clinton held the same press conference in 1994, Democrats had lost both the House and Senate.  In Ohio, it was our Rob Burch year, when ODP nearly lost major party status because Burch’s 25% was so catastrophic.  […]

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Palin freaking out GOP

On October 21, 2010 By


After the experience, the campaign, filled with conservatives who thought well of Palin, began referring to her as “Princess Sarah,” said the source close to the situation…


“It says to me she’s not serious about running for president,” said a source close to Grassley, suggesting that a real White House hopeful would not have snubbed a figure like the senior senator in the state that begins the nomination process.

Sarah 2012!!

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Stepping away from blogging for long periods at a time gives you a little perspective, for better or worse.  Sound and fury indicating nothing ebbs away, and what’s left to see is remarkably familiar.

The election of the first black president in our history was bound to smoke out the worst instincts in a very small number of Americans.  Typically for our age, it began online.  The email smear campaign of 2007-2008 has completely mutated into what is now today’s Republican Party.  This was inevitable, given how little credibility remains of Republican dogma and policy.  They are bankrupt intellectually and […]

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The Kansas City Star’s Steve Kraske, BizzyBlog’s Tom Blumer, and BizzyBlog Commenter Joe C. are all dumb as boxes of rocks. They read the following quotes and come to the conclusion that Barack Obama is not going to run for a second term in 2012:

“You know, if – if I feel like I’ve made the very best decisions for the American people and three years from now I look at it and, you know, my poll numbers are in the tank and because we’ve gone through these wrenching changes, you know, politically, I’m in a tough […]

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