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In the final months of the 2010 gubernatorial campaign, Governor Strickland’s campaign and his allies in education starting warning people in rural districts that a vote for John Kasich was a vote to consolidate your kids local school district out of existence.

And the Kasich campaign called it a totally untrue “smear” designed to scare voters:

“John has never talked about consolidating schools. John has talked about sharing services," Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols told the Toledo Blade on Wednesday.

Kasich, at a campaign stop later that day, noted it was Halloween season and accused the Strickland campaign of making things […]

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Kasich’s Office of Budget and Management says Ohio collected nearly a billion in more revenue in March than was projected due to strong economic growth in a recovery that has created jobs twice as fast in Ohio than Indiana or the rest of the nation. Thus, dispelling everything Kasich the Candidate said about Ohio’s economy last year.

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For the time being, the answer appears to be yes. 

In 2008, John Kasich formed a PAC called Recharge Ohio that had three central policy platforms: 1) repeal Ohio’s income tax; 2) repeal Ohio’s estate tax (which Kasich called the “death tax.”); and 3) massive increases to charter schools.  Kasich called the repeals of the income and estate tax necessary if Ohio was to ever climb out of its death spiral.

He went to Republican event after event, appeared on conservative talk radio all the way through election day, talking about how he was going to repeal these taxes.  […]

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Here’s a multiple-choice political question of the day:

How much does John Kasich’s State budget introduced today cut State general revenue spending from its current levels under Governor Strickland’s last budget?:

A) Around $8 billion.

B) Around $10 billion.

C) Around $2 billion.

D) It actually INCREASES State general revenue spending by 10%.

Answer after the jump.

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One of the resumes we were interested in seeing with the Kasich’s Administration would be Third Base Politics’ Jon Keeling—the one-man blogging machine for the Kasich campaign and select Republican candidates.  But first, let’s do a little flashback to remind people just how pathetic Jon Keeling’s willingness to whore out his reputation to help the Ohio Republican Party really is.

Back in July 2009, Eric and the rest of us noticed a new player on the conservative blogsphere calling himself “DJ Tablesauce.”  Eric noticed that the guy seemed to be particularly interested in the potential gubernatorial campaign of John […]

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Seriously, if you still subscribe to the Columbus Dispatch, cancel your subscription.  And then tell your friends and family member to do so as well.  And when they ask them why you can point out the things I’m about to mention was in Sunday’s edition.  Both, amazingly, involved Joe Hallett.

The first was a story about the economy in Ohio.  Instead of presenting the economy as I had last week, the Dispatch continued with the “doom and gloom.”  The only problem is, I don’t know where they got their numbers because they couldn’t be from where […]

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Just about every month last year, I’d do a post about Ohio’s unemployment figures and show how the State was already in an economic recovery that the media refused to acknowledge during the political campaign.  Almost inevitably, Jon Keeling at Third Base Politics would essentially try to write a rebuttal post denying that Ohio was in any sort of economic recovery.

First, let’s start with a graph Keeling like to use over and over again.  It comes from Governor Strickland’s Council of Economic Advisors, an entity comprised of the leading economic forecasters in Ohio’s private market.  The economic […]

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(HT: Talking Points Memo)

Congressman Dennis Kucinich sent out an e-mail yesterday to his supporters asking for their financial support as he contemplates where to run as increasing media reports have suggested that Kucinich’s district will be one of the two that will be eliminated in redistricting:

Dear Friend,

The New York Times, Newsweek, and Fox News have all recently headlined stories that I may lose my Congressional seat, not through an election, but through redistricting!

Due to the new census figures, Ohio will lose two seats in Congress. The Ohio Legislature (Republican) […]

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Governor Strickland is doing a round of “exit” interviews with the Ohio media to reflect on his Administration and to offer some thoughts about events since the election.

Strickland on Ohio’s unemployment:

According to the Associated Press:

"Our unemployment rate now is even with the national unemployment rate. First time that’s happened since December of 2002," he said. "So I’m leaving office having established, I believe, the foundation for future growth in Ohio, and I’m proud of that."

Our unemployment is still too high, but what most people fail to acknowledge was that Ohio’s unemployment substantially higher than […]

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The Associated Press on Friday confirmed our exclusive story early last week that the U.S. Department of Education has denied that Secretary Arne Duncan ever told Kasich that Kasich’s planned abandonment of Governor Strickland’s evidence-based school funding model wouldn’t jeopardize Ohio’s awarding of “Race to the Top” federal funding.  It turns out that the U.S. Department of Education has, for weeks now, made it plain that they made no such representation to Kasich for as long as Kasich has been claiming otherwise.

Federal officials say they can’t assure Ohio that its $400 million federal […]

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Here’s today’s Columbus Dispatch’s editorial on Governor Strickland’s school reforms:

“Not that scrapping Strickland’s plan is, by itself, bad for Ohio schools.

“The governor touts it as a bold, new way of delivering education, but it really is, mainly, a list of jobs to be filled. It mandates that each clump of so many students must have X number of teachers, counselors, aides, nurses and the like, with little opportunity for different school districts to use resources in ways that meet their particular needs.”

“It’s a one-size-fits-all approach, well-designed for pleasing the education unions that are a large […]

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