New PlunderTees!

It only took us 4 years to do this, but we finally have a brand new batch of Official PlunderTees.  If you saw us at Camp Wellstone or the Stand Up Ohio Festival at the State Fairgrounds you may already have one.  We printed 75 this time and they are already half gone!  Don’t worry.  We’ll make more.








These shirts are union made (UFCW tags) and union printed by Tiger Eye Design.  The logo color is slightly more orange than the site, adding to the collectible nature.  Only 75 “carrot shirts” will ever be available.  😉

When you order, we’ll ship your shirt priority mail within 24 hours.





We also make available PlunderTees from Skreened.  You can get more than one design and we periodically offer new designs that are topical to Plunderbunders.  😉

A few notes about Skreened and why we decided to go this route:

  • Skreened is located in Columbus, Ohio
  • We agree completely with Skreened ethics
  • We are glad to not pay up front for shirts and hold inventory

You will probably notice that Skreened products are a bit pricier than other T-shirts and more than the original Plunderbund T-shirt ($15.00). Keep in mind the following about Skreened shirts:

  • They are made in America and avoid sweatshop labor
  • They print shirts in a sustainable manner
  • They give 10% of their profits to
  • Did we mention they print the shirts in OH! IO!
  • Stop reading and buy a shirt!

Original PlunderTee

plunderteeThe original PlunderTee was made available at the second Bloggapalooza event in Cleveland in 2007. There were only 20 printed. They sold out immediately. If you have one, consider yourself in possession of a collector’s item. There will be no more OG PlunderTees!

We had the first batch of T-shirts printed up after much badgering from current PlunderCrew members [cough]…Joseph…[cough].


The front is the fist logo from the site. The back says:

Plunderbund (plun der bund):

n. (1) A league of commercial, political,
or financial interests that exploit
the public

(2) A hardass Ohio blog dedicated to
smacking down (1).


15 Responses to PlunderTees!

  1. Annette says:

    Suggest PB investigate how much the Governor’s golf outing costs Ohio taxpayers….

  2. Phyllis Elmo says:

    Ok, Greg, Joseph and company–I need a small so when you order more, please get some.

  3. Eric says:

    I’m on it!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Here are three things I’d like to see: temporary tattoos of the fist logo, bumper sticker/decal of logo (round), and travel mugs.

  5. Eric says:

    Those are all fantastic ideas!  Stay tuned…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yay! I can’t really wear your tees to work, but I can sure drink my coffee out of a Plunderbund mug EVERY day!

  7. Eric says:

    We like the definition tees too and you can always get those at Skreened:

    We redesigned the backs of the pre-printed shirts to be more promotional with the URL and FB/Twitter addresses.  We could get the others printed at Tiger Eye, but the cost of having inventory would probably be prohibitive. 

  8. Eric says:

    we have small in stock now!

  9. Eric says:

    we have 3x in stock now!

  10. I got an idea..a secret compartment ….says..Republicans redistrictn plans..make it a square box..w/no opening…or a road map…of course no one could be able to follow it…lol Plunderbund road maps…coasters, frisbees, laptop bags, bookbags, dew rags…wristbands, tablets….chapstick…Coors has chapstick , the chapsticks regular lip balm but..great idea…n now that u can carry weapons everywhere..holsters…lol..kiddn

  11. aspirin containers w/aspirin or a gum caddy…lol..a waterproof plastic container that you carry stuff in to the beach etc…oh wait..thats a secret go canoeing, camping..items always gettn wet..umbrellas…leashes, stress relief balls..squeezies…lol

  12. gotta large tshirt? saw ur stickers at Progress do I order those?