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Eric Vessels (Plunderbund founder)

This page inspired in part by Alex Barnett.

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  • AdamHarvey

    PB 2.0 has been around, what, 2.5 weeks? How's it feel to be the best blog in Ohio already?

  • Heh. Best is very subjective. Thanks for the compliment!

  • AdamHarvey

    PB 2.0 has been around, what, 2.5 weeks? How's it feel to be the best blog in Ohio already?

  • Heh. Best is very subjective. Thanks for the compliment!

  • dglamb

    I responded to a question about a historical referenec to Jesus Christ, the fact that AD is noton the a check is irrelevant… is the date 2010 that is! DGl

  • Guest

    Eric I realize that this is a progressive blog and didn't think folks would all agree with me! I am pleased that you let me say my piece. Pardon the spelling errors, I have a little case of dryness in my eyes! The print on this blog is pretty small,…don't get old, it not nearly as much fun as they say! The Golden Years DGL

  • No worries. Just felt the post comments got hijacked by two people and it was going nowhere. Decided to lock it down. You're welcome to comment here anytime, but since you've read this and understand our political leanings then you know the deal. 😉

  • SocialGumbo

    Hey guys, I really like what you've pulled together for the text on this page. May I plunder some if it for Let me know.

    Very nicely crafted!

  • Why not? We lifted it from Alex Barnett. 😉

  • Steve

    Hi guys, love the site. I discovered it while I was following Ohio politics (I live in Michigan).

    The casinos in Michigan have done everything possible to strangle off what little life was left in Michigan racing. Seeing the tactics of Carlo Loparo, et al. Brings to mind the same things done here in Michigan by casino interests

    I was overjoyed when the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that “LetOhioVote”, must produce the sources of their funding.

    Have these names been released? If so, are they who we expected them to be? Gilbert (for one).

    If they have not been released, then surely Loparo and his band of crooks must be held in contempt. What gives?

  • Guest

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to the Plunderbund Crew. Learned a lot. Thanks for letting me participate. Look forward to some serious radical Republican bashing. Looks like you have gotten the ball rolling.
    Take care and stay safe if you go out this evening!

  • A1bonds_bs

    Kasich needs to get rid of the Ohio Parole Board and appoint new people. They are keeping about 3000 old law inmates in jail so that they can keep a job. The old law inmates do not bring in money to the state. Some have served their time and stay out of trouble just to go to the parole board and be told we are giving you 10 more years after sreving 24 or 30 years already. Will this make that person any better in 10 years only very bitter. So Kasich here’s a savings for your Budget.

  • Repbob60

    On Wednesday of this week, the debate about all day kindergarten took on a strange smell. Actually it stunk. The Republicans in the Ohio House were arguing against all day kindergarten because it would cost so much more money than we can afford. I spoke on the floor that if money was the problem and we can’t find enough to educate our children, then why don’t we just get rid of K through 4 and start everyone at 5th grade…to me it was obvious and I said it out loud, that we are dealing with legislators that really didn’t get busy studying until 5th grade anyway. Bub if wanted to forestall the last income tax cut that would go into effect in July, we would be able to afford some of that cost to keep our kids in school. Ha and ha again. Representative Ron Amstutz suggested my math was fuzzy, that we only would save 900 hundred million dollars.
    Let me get this straight ok? We are 8 Billion Dollars in the hole and we are still giving out tax breaks to the richest people in this state to the tune of 900 million bucks. Aww it is so refreshing to have mathematicians working their magic on numbers to protect the richest in this state yet can’t find money for all day kindergarten. Talk about hypocritical. But who would notice?

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