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Poor John Kasich.? He can’t understand why all those Tea Party folks are upset.? Don’t they know he went back to the 1990s, ended all corporate welfare, deported Obama, and made Sarah Palin President, thus preventing TARP and the auto industry bailouts?

Just watch this video as he tries to explain just how fuckin’ awesome he was… twenty years ago.

And to reinforce the point, Kasich totally included a picture of that press conference he held (right after he finished his paper route) announcing to the media that all corporate welfare was over.? Don’t remember that?? Just look at […]

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I’ve been saying this to people for a while, but I haven’t blogged it in a while.? Time to fix that!

Democrats will be able to defeat Republicans by running against George W. Bush for decades to come.



And if Democrats don’t do precisely that in 2010, they will be committing political malpractice.? Some dude running for some random office 20 years from now in Anytown, USA, will have taken a picture with George W. Bush at his college Republican shindig and will whine about that picture’s use against him, and he’ll still […]

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I’ve independently confirmed what Joe Hallett has today – Mary Taylor is leaving the auditor’s race to run as John Kasich’s LG. ?What Hallett doesn’t report is that there is still no Republican candidate identified to run for auditor. ?Also, it does appear that Kevin DeWine is the driving force behind Taylor joining John Kasich’s ticket. ?And there is some bad blood at work here – Taylor and DeWine both despise former GOP chair Bob Bennett, there’s Alex Arshinkoff bad blood with Bob Bennett, and there are some grumblings that DeWine is forcing Taylor into the LG slot almost […]

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It’s sad to hear someone in our Ohio political blogging community struck with not one, but TWO mentally degrading diseases.  How long has Sisk being keeping his health a secret?  Does his family know? I’m not a doctor, nor do I know if anyone with a medical degree has diagnosed Sisk with partisan/ideological induced dementia, but the evidence from his site is clear:

“I believe Ohio, as I’ve said, has everything that is needed to be an economic success story,” he said. “All we need is a little more time to put all the pieces together.”

Can […]

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Proof John Kasich is an Asshole

On September 28, 2009 By

I have been hearing rumors about John Kasich for a while now.

Rumors about John’s angry run-ins with flight attendants and his horrible treatment of servers at restaurants. Rumors about his complete lack of self-control and his arrogant and childish behavior in public places. Rumors about his inability to not be an asshole when not being an asshole is the only thing he needs to do to help push forward his latest quest for statewide political office.

So far, I’ve avoided posting about any of these rumors because no one has come forward with similar information or any actual […]

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A couple reporters made news of their own recently by citing Plunderbund reporting that has blown the lid off the fiasco of Ohio’s for-profit charter school system and people involved with it that have admitted to criminal activities.

A day doesn’t go by now that Gov. John Kasich is running for his political life in New Hampshire that The Columbus Dispatch and The Cleveland Plain Dealer and to a lesser extent The Cincinnati Enquirer don’t offer multiple, gratuitous headlines that push the term-limited governor’s long-shot presidential campaign.

Legacy print newspapers like them are engaged in sycophancy coverage of […]

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On stage at The Athenaeum in downtown Columbus Thursday morning, supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton had to run a small gauntlet of anti-abortion protesters who greeted her with megaphones, harsh rhetoric and a couple of provocative posters.

One poster, in black and white, portrayed the former secretary of state as a Nazi waging war on women, while another pictured an aborted, dismembered fetus in full color with the caption “Hillary Clinton Supports Killing Children” written above it.

“Controversy seems to follow me around,” she told the crowd of mostly women who had come to hear her champion their gender and […]

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[Disclosure:  I worked for then-Congressman Ted Strickland and lived down the street from the Stricklands growing up and I make no bones about supporting Ted Strickland’s Senate bid.]

As it relates to a possible Senate primary between former Congressman and Governor Ted Strickland and two-term Cincinnati councilperson P.G. Sittenfeld, I’ve heard a vocal minority of Democrats wave the 2014 elections as evidence of why we must have a primary.  Here’s why this thinking is completely wrong, and if anything, the opposite is true.  At least, once it became clear Strickland entered the race.  The argument is based on the notion that the […]

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CPAC’s Mad March to Be Relevant

On March 20, 2013 By

The arrival of March Madness II so soon after CPAC’s March Madness I is forcing all of us to consider whether the floor games will be a more valid expression of  the soul  of America than the conservative fringe that went to the convention in hopes of a slam dunk.  The distractions for the bounty-hunters couldn’t have come at a worst time  as speaker after speaker tried to convince us that the former Republican Party lacked, um… relevancy and that Barack Obama was at least a socialist..

The delegates were upstaged by Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, a conservative Republican who conceded that his notions about […]

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Hey boys and girls, here’s what we’re reading today:

Columbus Dispatch continues to give Kasich an assist in his attacks on Obama

Yesterday, Dispatch readers were greeted with a front-page story in which our Governor minimized jobs created in one of our most important industries in order to attack the President and loans that kept Detroit afloat. Kasich, you’ll recall, opposed government intervention in the carmakers’ future.

This morning, Kasich penned his own piece on the editorial page talking up his energy legislation, which he signs tomorrow. The bill allows oil and gas companies […]

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Back in October John Kasich asked Ohioans to suggest slogans to appear on Ohio’s new license plates.

At the time, we made some suggestions, and it turns out we may have had at least a little impact on the over 400,000 responses received by the Ohio BMV.

As of this afternoon, the Plain Dealer has all of the responses online in a searchable database. As they point out, a lot of the suggestions have to do with God or Lebron James, but a great deal of them also refer to John Kasich, and most of those were […]

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