Moose McGillicuddy wiped down the bar at his tavern. Moose’s was a typical downtown Ohio bar. Politicians, college students, construction workers, and professors often leaned on the bar providing advice, seeking counsel, or just taking a break with a tall cold one.

This day was no different. The lunch crowd had disappeared and a couple tables looked ready to head back to work. Now that the university was back in session, there would be a good crowd of students that evening.

Then two frequent patrons walked in the door, well-known legislators. Already engaged in conversation, they sat down at the […]

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The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services released the March 2016 employment and unemployment data for Ohio Friday. The bottom line results show that for the 40th straight month, Ohio Gov. John Kasich just can’t get it up to meet the national average.

At the same time Gov. Kasich is spending yet more time out of his home state to campaign for president, in a race where he’s running third behind Ted Cruz in second place and Donald Trump in first place in the Republican primary, his boasting of how good he’s doing at creating jobs back home got […]

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North Carolina reigns supreme right now in the realm of mixing unthinking bigotry, discrimination, and bad governance, but hold onto your butts folks, because the deranged Ohio General Assembly not only sees nothing wrong with North Carolina’s approach but is making designs to emulate it.

And meanwhile, it comes out, we have a candidate for Ohio Supreme Court who has all but promised to shield pro-discrimination legislation from legal challenge if elected to the state’s high court.

Appellate Court Judge Pat DeWine has indicated he would likely strike down laws protecting LGBTQ Ohioans if they come before the […]

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“You know, it’s amazing that I know all of this stuff, isn’t it? Cause there ain’t nobody else who can come in here [that] could answer any of this,” Ohio Gov. John Kasich boasted, self-congratulating during his interview with the editorial board of the New York Daily News [NYDN] one week ago.

Reading through the entire transcript is enlightening because it offers an unobstructed view into Gov. Kasich’s mindset, which appears to be more like a hall of mirrors with occasional dead ends on policy pronouncements or outright misunderstandings of how the world works. John Kasich, a 63-years old relic […]

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Speaking Tuesday afternoon to a friendly audience in a familiar union hall location, former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland talked about his big race to unseat first-term Republican Sen. Rob Portman.

Mr. Strickland, who lost a narrow election to John Kasich in 2010, said electing Republicans this fall, especially a GOP president, would “put everything we care about at risk.” What the former congressman who represented a district [OH-6] that ran from northeast Ohio to southeast Ohio cares about is keeping a Democrat in the White House, gaining control again of the U.S. Senate and installing a progressive judge on […]

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On Tuesday morning in New York City, Ohio Gov. John Kasich delivered a warmed over talk called “Two Paths” to the Women’s National Republican Club.

He said one path is “riddled with negativity about America…it drags us into a ditch and it divides us. The other path is one that I’ve focused my entire campaign on. It’s one that offers American families a positive vision for the future of our country.” Mr. Kasich, who has only finished first in one state primary or caucus so far, Ohio, gave his reheated vision for moving forward. “We stay on the same path and […]

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It’s not often that some of us can find common ground with the conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks, but his recent piece warning about “four big forces coursing through modern societies” struck a chord. On the other hand, while many might agree with him on some of the causal factors of massive societal change, Brooks and his fellow conservatives may in fact be enabling or even accelerating some of this change as a result of one of their public policy positions.

The column and commentary by Brooks arose from his analysis of a new book, Commonwealth and […]

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On Monday in Albany, New York, ahead of next Tuesday’s primary, Ohio Gov. John Kasich complained that tactics used in Michigan’s primary in early March by Texas Senator Ted Cruz were not appropriate.

Gov. Kasich, who finished third in Michigan behind Sen. Cruz—and way behind first-place finisher Donald Trump—then complained to reporters that the Cruz campaign tried to “strong arm and bully” people in Ohio’s neighbor to the north.

Basic Kasich Brass

When John Kasich whines that GOP convention rules that don’t benefit him should be changed to help in July, and that other candidates like Ted Cruz […]

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If it’s Sunday, another national political talk show will let Gov. John Kasich talk trash talk without asking him to explain the nonsense that comes out of his mouth.

On CBS’ “Face the Nation,” the 63-year old term-limited governor of Ohio had gloomy predictions if Donald Trump or Ted Cruz top the ticket as the Republican Party’s presidential nominee in November.

Kasich The Apple Of His Own Eye

Running from cover since he’ll still be governor for another two years if Republicans lose another General Election race, the former Lehman Brothers banker said he has “great concern” for the […]

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It was high political theater—and the height of political hypocrisy—when Gov. John Kasich called on his favorite political party—the one he says is his “vehicle” not his “master”—to be transparent when Republicans take their national nominating convention to Cleveland in July.

It’s widely anticipated that backroom dealing will abound in what many now believe will be an open convention because none of the three remaining GOP candidates—including and most especially Mr. Kasich—will arrive with enough delegates to win the nomination on the first vote. Second or more votes could spell disaster for some but give hope to others who couldn’t […]

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A key fact in the story of the big shrink is Ohio voters is that there used to be 757,998 more registered voters eight years ago than there are today. The Northwest territory state that once was a growing destination for people looking for unbounded opportunity they couldn’t find elsewhere is today among the slowest growing states.

Census Bureau stats show Ohio’s population in 2013 at 11,570,808, which represents an increase of 34,305 residents or 0.3 percent since 2010. Only three states—Vermont at 0.14 percent, Michigan at 0.12 percent and West Virginia at 0.07 percent—had lower or slower population growth […]

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