Ohio’s part-time governor and full-time national chaplain and traveling book salesman likes to argue that there are just two paths to take in life, the light and the dark. Others can legitimately argue that life is full of paths to take to achieve personal goals and aspirations.  But Kasich has really only followed one path in life, the one that leads to self promotion.

Kasich’s One Path

Gov. John Kasich demonstrated that observation yet again, as he runs from his troubles in Ohio, where his tax policies over six years have left state coffers gasping for revenue and on the verge of […]

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Jennifer Berkshire recently wrote about the Betsy DeVos visit to Van Wert, Ohio.  Perfect timing to celebrate Ohio’s failed charter school week.

Berkshire’s perspective on the Betsy DeVos visit can be summed up by a quote made by Elida Treasurer Joel Parker while he and Board member Brenda Stocker were talking to her:

Parker, a Trump supporter, likens the growth of Ohio’s virtual schools, with their moneyed bosses and political flunkies, to the takeover of the garbage collection industry by organized crime in the ‘50’s. *The mob got into the business because it was easy, they could control it, […]

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Trump History Lesson, Not

On May 4, 2017 By

President Trump says that if Andrew Jackson had still been around, there might not have been a Civil War. I won’t count this as one of his lies. Rather, he just doesn’t know any better.

When you elevate Jackson to a hero’s throne, it’s possible that you may not have heard that Old Hickory also presided over the removal of 16,000 Cherokees from their homes in the south, driving them at bayonet’s point to Oklahoma.

It was one of the most merciless federal actions in the nation’s history, and an estimated 4,000 Native Americans, including children, perished along the 1,200-mile […]

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Ohio’s senior senator in Washington has been cautious but creative in working with President Donald Trump and his administration, which by every measure is working to tear down policies and programs the gravely voiced senator with perpetually ruffled hair has gone to bat for over the long arc of his political career.

Sen. Sherrod Brown, a twice-elected senator and author of “The Myths of Free Trade,” presented his blueprints to win a third term in the U.S. Senate next year with a presentation at The Ohio State University’s Glenn College of Public Affairs not long ago.

Without […]

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Jeanne Melvin, President of Public Education Partners (PEP) has developed a graphic that can be used to show school district patrons how a portion of their school levy funds flow to charters. Some state officials have argued that no local funds are involved in chartering. They may be aware that the use of revenue from local levies is restricted to the operation of the school district; hence, they fabricated the following argument:

· Districts must use their local revenue first for their district students
· Districts must use their state funds first for charter students

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Fifty dollars buys a copy of “Two Paths: America Divided Or United” and $150 buys a copy signed by the book’s author, Ohio’s 69th governor and traveling national chaplain, John Kasich, who by many accounts is spending more time at his second full-time job, hawking his book of memoirs about his lopsided defeat in last year’s Republican race for president,  than his first full-time job Ohioans elected him to do, governor.

An email to his fan base Saturday says Mr. Kasich’s message about strengthening and healing divisions in communities in Ohio and across the nation is resonating. How rich and […]

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Regardless of your personal opinion of The Donald, an objective look at President Trump’s first one hundred days shows more foam than beer. He has no legislative achievements to speak of (as even the far right-wing website Bretibart admits) and Americans know he talks too much. Right-wing radio hosts have trumpeted (pun intended) Neil Gorsuch’s ascension to the Supreme Court, the use of the Congressional Review Act to repeal a dozen Obama promulgated regulations while leaving thousands or more intact and the use of force against Syria and ISIS in Afghanistan. Those are small potatoes compared to Trump’s promises for […]

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ATHENS – Former U.S. Congressman Zack Space didn’t go full Bulworth last week speaking to Athens County Democrats, but he did deliver one of the most candid assessments of the major threats facing American democracy I’ve seen in a public speech.

The two biggest threats to democracy, Space said, are gerrymandered U.S. congressional districts and the undue influence of campaign donations and moneyed interests.

He said that these things have combined to undermine citizens’ faith in the institutions and systems behind the American constitutional republic.

“People have lost faith. They have lost faith in the Democratic Party. They have lost […]

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Stunning is a good word to describe the improbable shift the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [ACA] has undergone since its creator, President Barack Obama, has vacated the White House and Donald Trump has occupied it for the last 98 days.

In the fall midterm elections of 2010 that followed the summer’s Tea Party inspired rage over the ACA, or Obamacare as Republicans have dubbed it, the revolt at the ballot box returned control of the U.S. House of Representatives to Republicans, a control they’ve enjoyed ever since. President Obama was mocked and ridiculed for his so-called government takeover […]

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How could the removal of four Confederate monuments in New Orleans provide us a lesson about memorials dedicated to Ronald Reagan?

Hang on to that thought about The Gipper for a moment. Let’s look at the Civil War lesson first.

For years, public sentiment has questioned the appropriateness of an obelisk honoring the killing of police officers by white supremacists in the Crescent City during the turbulent post-Civil War period as well as statues depicting Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Generals Robert E. Lee and Pierre Beauregard. Finally, there is action to remove these symbols of treason that date from […]

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Two Big Trump Selfies

On April 30, 2017 By

Well, somehow we made it through the first 100 days. Sort of. President Trump gave himself an “A” for his performance but complained that the job wasn’t as easy as he had figured when he was ruling an oligarchy with a trophy wife and a daughter who had converted to Judaism to satisfy her Harvard-educated husband. If you’re going to square the family circle, long range dynastic planning is so basic. Still he wistfully complained that he missed driving his own car and of being accused of being called a liar everywhere that he goes. Life is unfair.

Relinquishing the […]

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