Timken Plays The Trump Card

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When Donald Trump flew into Akron-Canton Airport the other night, it was an elite in-and-out milk stop for a $25,000-a- head fund raiser at Brookside Country Club. The private event was hosted by Jane and Tim Timken, the iconic Republican industrialist family whose powerful name represents a company town called Canton.

I found it quite a challenge to get more details than that, although I did learn that two of the names on the small guest list were former First Energy commanding officer Tony Alexander and Summit County Republican executive committee chairman Bryan Williams. After repeated calls to Stark County […]

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Ohio delegates at the DNC nominating convention in Philadelphia two weeks ago liked the chant “As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.”

If that chant presages election results on Election Day this November 8, Ohio will again have voted for the next and first woman to be elected President of the United States.

Two new polls show Hillary Clinton with a leg up on Donald Trump now that both political parties have concluded their nominating conventions in July.

Offering an election update on where things stand at this point, the widely respected FiveThirtyEight says its polls-only forecast gives Hillary […]

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Do you feel at least halfway renewed by Donald Trump’s boast to the Detroit Economic Club that he can easily fix what ails America? He promised to wave his magic wand and do it quickly, saying it “won’t be hard”.

We have long learned that Trumpness is a combination of dark fiction for the masses and pleasant reality for the wealthy like himself. So when he pitched his pledge to eliminate “death taxes” it was among his longest foul balls – unless you are worth millions upon millions. The tax is exempt for any couple with an estate of up […]

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If there ever was a time riper for a real leader to step forward in a leadership role with solutions that really bring people together, as Ohio Gov. John Kasich said in town hall meetings from New Hampshire to Indiana this year, this election year is it.

Reports from Monday said “desperate conservatives” are circulating a petition calling for the Republican National Committee to host a special meeting where Donald Trump could be replaced as the party’s presidential nominee, the AP reported. Some of the organizers were the same Republicans who tried to prevent Trump from winning the GOP nomination. […]

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It’s been clear for a while that Donald Trump is unfit to serve as Commander in Chief. But today we arrived at the point where it is no longer acceptable for any legitimate candidate for office in this country to stand on the sidelines and allow — let alone assist — this man in his quest for office.

Today, Trump openly suggested that while we may not be able to defeat Hillary Clinton at the ballot box, her ability to make judicial appointments could be stopped by “Second Amendment People:”

This is either a call for assassination of a future […]

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In a conference call with reporters on Monday, the same day Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was in Detroit offering a proposed economic plan that earned claims of being critically short on details, Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther was joined by owners of a small business in Bexley, and Gene Sperling, an expert on economics and former Director of the National Economic Council.

Each participant provided their views of how job growth plans from Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would impact Ohio, a key battleground state. Analysis of the candidates’ plans has come from Moody’s economist and former adviser […]

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Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel is forever restlessly in a campaign mode. At 38, the Beachwood Republican has already won two terms to the Ohio House of Representatives followed by his successful quest for treasurer. But wait . He’s now setting his stage to challenge Democrat U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown in 2018. So as the saying goes, life is short, eat the dessert first.

As a warmup, he served as Marco Rubio’s Ohio chairman in the GOP primary field, which was more for Mandel’s workshop exercise than for Rubio’s benefit.

The Plain Dealer recently reported that Mandel has already unlocked his […]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich has lots of bad ideas for governing, as Plunderbund readers know all too well. One of his worst to date is to ask the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to approval a change in Ohio’s popular expansion of Medicaid that would force about one million eligible Ohioans to pay premiums for coverage they currently receive free of charge.

Ohio’s lame duck governor made his second run for president this year, losing 49 state contests and winning only one, Ohio, and with less than 50 percent of the vote. In many town hall meetings along […]

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CNN on Sunday featured Ohio Gov. John Kasich standing his ground on not being a Trump supporter, unless and until the New York real estate Titan undergoes a complete change in tone. Mr. Kasich reiterated his anti-Trump position then said he would never switch to Hillary Clinton, even though more and more Republicans of note are pivoting to support the former secretary of state, first lady and two-term senator from the State of New York.

New national polling shows Hillary Clinton’s bounce post-conventions is now bigger than Donald Trump’s by about eight percentage points. Some state polling shows her […]

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Drip, drip, drip.

The steady stream of critical stories about the charter school Goliath named ECOT now is approaching a critical level, ready to create a flood in the GOP Statehouse and in the offices of the mega-giant’s lobbyists well before this year’s elections. If a Richard Nixon-type was somehow in command at this stage of the game and dealing with the proliferating ECOT mess, he would have called in the Plumbers and the renowned Haldeman and Erlichman firm to deal with the debacle.

No, the ECOT flood is not attributable to global warming, which Republicans don’t believe in, but […]

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I hate to keep harping about this, but Sen. Rob Portman’s decision to endorse Donald Trump is a solid , if toxic, indication that Ohio’s tag-along Republican senator is running on fumes while most conservative Republicans are denouncing the billionaire demagogue . .

Consider his explanation of the Trump endorsement when he was in Youngstown this week pretending to be a blue-collar kind of guy.. He said he preferred Donald to Hillary even though he “might” (or might not?) have a “little” (more or less?) disagreement with his party’s presidential nominee.

Cautious? I’m not sure since he seldom comes right […]

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