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So in this post, calling out EmiLEE’s List political director, conspicuous MALE Jonathan Parker, for failing to put his organization’s money where HIS (not HER) mouth is, I linked to Women’s Campaign Forum.? Here’s how they describe themselves.

Our goal here is to give a real-world perspective into the world of women and politics: from the barriers women face in making the decision to run, to the sexism they encounter as candidates, to the institutional ?good ol? boys? club in our government.

And here’s the parent organization’s about page.

The Women?s Campaign Forum is dedicated […]

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Or is EmiLEE’s List really just full of shit?? Just asking.

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Here’s a headline Lee Fisher doesn’t want to see in a major national political publication roughly two weeks from the end of the primary:

National Journal😕 “Rethinking the Ohio Dem Primary”

Take OH, for one. DSCC chair Bob Menendez has been upfront about his support for LG Lee Fisher (D) over Sec/State Jennifer Brunner (D) in the May 4 primary. But Dems in OH and DC have begun to whisper that Brunner may just pull out a come-from-behind primary victory. It’s a long-shot, they say, but even those who have worked against her behind the scenes say it’s […]

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I went to an event in Shaker Heights last night, organized among eastern suburban Democratic clubs, which featured Jennifer Brunner.? Anne Hill was there, she brought some Lee Fisher stuff for the table.? I ran into Jimmy Boyle, Mary Boyle’s son….talk about a fold in the space time continuum!? The room was full, largely women, specifically the kind of women who are active in eastern Cuyahoga County.? The kind of women who would once fill a room in Shaker Hts. for Lee Fisher.

At the end of the Q&A, Brunner got a standing ovation.? In Lee Fisher’s home suburb.? Where […]

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Hi Jennifer.? Hope things are going well.? Heard you got a really cool campaign bus – awesome!? I want to take a ride on it someday.?? Anyway, let’s get right to the matter at hand.

Your opponent, Lee Fisher, apparently has become a Republican.? I know, weird, ain’t it?? He’s got the Ohio GOP doing backflips of glee, right wing bloggers are suddenly very proud of Lee Fisher, he’s even got the DSCC jumping when Kevin Dewine says “jump”. Lee Fisher is teabaggging so much these days, I’d start calling his supporters “Leebaggers”, except I can’t really find […]

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Eric just put up a diary at Kos detailing it.? Cross posted here.

Lee Fisher is the DSCC’s chosen candidate for US Senate in Ohio, even to the point of threatening Jennifer Brunner in December. Brunner is Fisher’s Democratic primary opponent May 4, Ohio’s sitting secretary of state, and a hero of progressives nationally.

Last week, Brunner issued a directive enforcing longstanding law that requires a voter who wishes to switch parties and receive the other party’s primary ballot to sign a statement declaring they adhere to their new party’s principles. It’s a measure designed to prevent […]

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It’s pretty clear Lee Fisher is going for the teabagger vote.? Today, Lee echoed every right wing smear in the Ohio blogosphere over Jennifer Brunner’s decision to enforce a law on the books requiring you to declare your party if you ask for that party’s primary ballot after voting in the other party’s primary.? Here’s the email.

Dear Friend,

I believe in opening up the voting process, not turning people away from it. But the recent last minute decision of the Secretary of State to require primary voters to sign a political party loyalty oath in order to switch parties […]

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If you haven’t done so yet, get your ass over to and help out Jennifer Brunner with a few bucks.

You’ve got fewer than three two hours left (maybe more if you live on the West Coast) to help out with her ‘money bomb’ event.

What are you waiting for?

Do I really need to go into all of the reasons you should be supporting Brunner? Too many to count really.

But let’s add one more to the list: Jeff Coryell has been live blogging the Brunner money bomb event since 4am! Help a fellow blogger out. […]

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Update: Welcome DailyKos readers! Thanks for stopping by. Please do support the Brunner “Victory for Courage” campaign!

Just got word that a mob of teabaggers from this band of loonies is outside Jennifer Brunner’s office shouting “Stalin”, and apparently, according to this picture, having their children carry posters of Stalin.

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Word is that the head to head, Brunner-Fisher number may come out later this week, but this is what Lee Fisher’s campaign has gotten him, 6 weeks before the primary.

His [Portman’s] advantage? is 38-37 over Jennifer Brunner and 41-36 against Lee Fisher.

How much did Lee Fisher spend in the last year to prove to us that he’ll do worse against Portman than Brunner will?? A million dollars?? Two million?? Lee, you could have just quoted this blog, we’ve been proving that for free.

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This is unprecedented.

If today was like this, Monday should be a peach.

I wonder how many ODP executive committee members will show up at work on Monday to find their email shut down?

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