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Judging by a number of recently introduced bills, some Republicans just haven’t figured out that a) the country is in the middle of a huge economic crisis and b) the Democrats are in power.

Rep. Peter King [R-NY] for example still thinks someone gives a shit about making English the national language (read: hating on immigrants).

He just introduced H.R. 1229: National Language Act of 2009 intending to make “English as the official language of the Government of the United States”.

Any idea what “No tengo dinero” means, Mr. King?

Rep. Todd Tiahrt [R-KS] proposed a whereas-filled and […]

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The senate confirmed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State a few minutes ago with a vote of 94-2.

I was immediately interested in who cast the two Nay votes – but was not surprised at all when I found out it was DeMint and Vitter.

Jim DeMint, the most conservative member of Congress (National Journal, 2007) and David Vitter, the biggest asshat in Congress (Plunderbund, 2009), never really surprise me with their ultra-conservative views.

And make no mistake, their ultra-conservative views are exactly why they voted against Hillary.

Don’t believe me?


Maybe this will change your mind:


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This may actually be the quote of the year or maybe the decade! Without a doubt the quote of the week though.

But before I show you quote, you need a little background info.

1. The US Auto makers have been doing really poorly lately and are asking for a loan from the US government that must be approved by Congress.

2. David Vitter is a Senator from LA who admitted to having sex with prostitutes after his phone number was discovered on the client list of the ‘DC madame’ last year. He’s recently been seen on TV railing against […]

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Yippie! Another anti-gay marriage amendment!

Roger Wicker just introduced a joint resolution ( S. J. Res. 43 ) to propose “an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to marriage.”

This is the 6th one of these ridiculous marriage-related joint resolutions to be introduced in the past few years. None of them ever passed. So there’s no reason to think this one will get anywhere either.

But it shows how back asswards some of these Republicans still think- though looking at the list of co-sponsors I guess we shouldn’t be surprised:

Sen. Wayne Allard [R-CO]
Sen. […]

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Remember last year when Republican Senator David Vitter’s phone number turned up on the DC Madam’s prostitution client list along with the numbers of George Bush’s deputy secretary of state and the strategist who devised Bush’s “shock and awe” plan for the invasion of Iraq?

Well it turns out none of these guys will have to testify in the trial.

Instead they chose to have 12 former prostitutes testify – including a naval lieutenant and a 50-something doctor – while letting all of the high-profile clients off the hook.

Hardly seems fair.

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This week George Voinovich helped introduce another anti-choice bill in the US Senate aimed at limiting access to abortion services for pregnant women.

The bill is also being sponsored by Sam Brownback and David Vitter- a couple of real nutjobs when it comes to this issue.

Brownback has a long anti-choice history, a 0% rating by NARAL and at one time compared abortion to slavery.

Vitter is even worse. He seems to lack any respect for women whatsoever. Besides cheating on his wife – as revealed by the DC Madam scandal – Vitter tried to introduce an amendment […]

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Last month it was Senator David Vitter of Louisiana.

Yesterday it was Idaho Senator Larry Craig.

Here is Craig’s statement:

At the time of this incident, I complained to the police that they were misconstruing my actions. I was not involved in any inappropriate conduct.

I should have had the advice of counsel in resolving this matter. In hindsight, I should not have pled guilty. I was trying to handle this matter myself quickly and expeditiously.

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First is was Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) showing up on the phone list of the D.C. Madam.

Then it was Florida State Rep. Bob Allen’s arrest yesterday “at a park after offering to perform a sex act on an undercover officer in exchange for $20.”

But that seems to be just the begining…

Jerid over at BSB has started an investigation into the Ohio GOP’s DC Madam Connection and he’s finding lots of numbers from Ohio!

Florida State Rep. Bob Allen refuses to talk to the media on July 11, 2007 after bonding out of Brevard County […]

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