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It looks like the MSM has finally picked up the story about LetOhioVote.

Julie Carr Smyth, Ohio’s AP Statehouse Reporter, put out a pretty good piece today summarizing what I’ve been talking about for weeks – and then taking it a step further.

She covered my main point at the beginning: everyone involved in LetOhioVote is in some way associated with Ken Blackwell. She even mentions Norm Cummings (proof she’s been reading Plunderbund?)

And then she moves a little closer to answering the question we’ve all been trying to answer: who’s funding these guys?

Phil Burress/Citizens […]

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So while we are on the topic of people from Virginia trying to influence Ohio politics

Take a quick look at the domain registration record for

Created On:19-Jul-2009 01:00:48 UTC
Registrant Name:Norman Cummings
Registrant Street1:388 Meadows Drive
Registrant City:Lancaster
Registrant State/Province:Virginia
Registrant Postal Code:22503
Registrant Phone:+1.8044623429

Yep, that’s good old Norm Cummings again. Former Blackwell campaign staffer, friend of Carlo Loparo and all around not-nice guy.

It turns out that Mr. Cummings registered the domain name just days after Governor Strickland signed an […]

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In July of 2009, Ohio’s Legislature – including the Republican-controlled State Senate – passed Governor Ted Strickland’s budget that included $900 million per year in revenue from Video Lottery Terminals for racetracks.

The VLT plan was quickly put on hold once a group of former Ken Blackwell staffers – including Carlo Loparo – formed a group called and sued to have the VLT plan put up for a vote., funded by millions of dollars from contributors they refused to name, was formed specifically to kill the plan for raising extra revenue from VLTs so that Strickland would […]

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Kasich is making an announcement this afternoon regarding his deal with the casinos and as Budget Watcher points out, it seems very likely that video lottery terminals (VLTs aka slot machines) are probably going to be allowed at Ohio’s race tracks. I recommend you read the Ohio Budget Watch post. As with many, many other issues, I think you’ll be very surprised how accurate their predictions turn out to be.

Regarding the VLTs, I thought maybe I’d cover a little background and touch on some recent issues that are suddenly being resolved to make way for Kasich’s likely plan […]

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HB 153, Kasich’s biennium budget bill, already contains in it a number of provisions regarding teacher pay that seems similar, if not identical, provisions to the “merit pay” provisions in SB 5 for teachers.  Presently, HB 153 would:

Supersede any provision in any collective bargaining agreement entered into on or after the effective date of the budget; Start during the 2011-2012 school year; Mandates that districts and ESC create separate salary schedules for: Teachers with a resident educator or alternative resident educator license; Teachers with a professional educator’s license; Senior professional educator’s license; Lead […]

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The Dayton Daily News reported that in comments to the Ohio Newspaper Association, Governor Kasich indicated that if the legislature doesn’t quickly pass the kind of collective bargaining rollbacks he wants, he’ll include them in his budget.

Kasich said his own bill would outlaw strikes and penalize those who do walk off the job by firing them or docking their pay. He also noted that he wants fact-finding reports produced during contract negotiations open to the public so taxpayers know the details.

Kasich specifically said that if he’s not satisfied with the progress on the Shannon Jones’ collective […]

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It looks like helping to sabotage one of Ted Strickland’s solutions for helping to balance the budget has earned Carlo Loparo a job with the Kasich administration.

Or maybe its his experience working for a group that has spent the past year fighting tooth and nail against Ohio’s transparency laws to keep the source of it’s funding private.

Either way, Carlo’s got a new job as the new spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction and by every metric Kasich seems to consider important, Carlo totally deserves the job.

As we’ve noted many times […]

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Over the years I’ve written more than a few posts here at Plunderbund bitching and moaning about the horrible job Ohio’s Republican-controlled legislature has done implementing our charter school system.

There are, of course, a few successful schools. But these minor successes are easily overshadowed by the many horrible and disastrous failures directly resulting from the intentionally limited oversight and amazingly loose restrictions imposed on schools that never had any chance of being successful in the first place. It seems anyone can get public money to start a school and there is little or no requirement to define or track […]

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If you haven’t been following the LetOhioVote drama we’ve been covering for the past few months then you can move on to another post.

If you have been following it, then you’ll find
today’s Ohio Supreme Court decision really interesting on many levels.

Here’s the decision:

In a unanimous ruling, justices denied an attempt by to block Brunner from enforcing subpoenas intended to reveal who funded the group’s petition to put the slot-machine issue on the November ballot.

The first thing to remember here is that the people (Gene Pierce, Carlo Loparo, etc) running the show […]

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Who the Hell is Tim Crawford?

On February 2, 2010 By

So it was recently revealed that the group funding is headed by former Blackwell staffer Tim Crawford.

This certainly does help further solidify my assertion that’s only goal is revenge against Ted Strickland.

But it leaves me wondering: who the hell is Tim Crawford?

I really don’t remember Tim from 2006. And I was covering that campaign, especially Blackwell’s staff, in excruciating detail. I was totally immersed in the numbers and names of that campaign and, today, Tim Crawford barely rings a bell.

Loparo? Ding Ding!



So I’m sitting here scratching my head trying to […]

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Gene Pierce and Carlo Loparo – former spokesmen for Ken Blackwell during his time as Secretary of State and during his failed campaign for Governor – have teamed up with David Hansen (of Buckeye Institute Fame). This time they seem to have revenge on their minds. Revenge against the guy who defeated their candidate and lost them their jobs: Governor Ted Strickland.

I can find no other reasonable explanation for the project both men are currently involved in: trying to sink the budget recently passed by both the Ohio House and the Republican-controlled Ohio Senate. Their “problem” with the […]

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