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Over the past two days, we’ve revealed how emails and documents released by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) directly link outgoing State Superintendent Dick Ross to the creation of a Youngstown Cabinet that worked to enact a takeover of the Youngstown City Schools via the hijacking of House Bill 70.

The Youngstown Cabinet intentionally kept their membership a secret while Ross and ODE crafted the plans.  Not until after the bill was swiftly passed (in a single day) did they finally reveal their existence.  Minutes from the April and May meetings were released months ago that […]

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We reported yesterday that emails and documents released by ODE tie Dick Ross directly to the formation of the Youngstown Schools “cabinet” that eventually led to the takeover of the Youngstown City Schools, despite his testimony to the State Board of Education that the committee merely came to him for advice.  More emails and documents continue to defy those claims, showing that Dick Ross was part of a very small group that began the process and initiated the formation of the cabinet and its members.

A follow-up phone call occurred on September 27 with even fewer individuals than […]

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In July, after the state legislature passed a bill to change the process for Academic Distress Commissions, leading to a state takeover of the Youngstown City School District, Dick Ross told the State Board of Education that the plan was not his, was not led by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE), and that “It came from Youngstown.  I provided assistance.”

Recently released emails and documents from ODE show that Ross actually did substantially more than that, collaborating with Governor Kasich’s office on a plan to overtake Youngstown and being intimately involved in the crafting of plans since […]

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Employment data for November 2015 in Ohio, released Friday by The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, continues to clash with Gov. Kasich’s narrative that the state economy is booming.

“The new data documents the continuation of an excessively slow rate of Ohio job growth,” notes Cleveland-based economic research analyst George Zeller. “At the current sub-par rate of job growth in Ohio during October 2015, it will take Ohio 20 years to recover the jobs that Ohio previously lost during a combination of the 2000s recession and the 2007 ‘Great Recession.’ That […]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich is legend for exaggerating and playing fast and loose with facts. He showed his performance politician skills again when he claimed on national TV last week that he left Washington with a $5 trillion surplus.

When it comes to the facts, Ohio’s term-limited governor is a master at obfuscating them so much that his PR handlers always have to clean up after him. That was again the case when he failed to inform viewers that what he said wasn’t based in fact but on assumptions that never came true.

When John Kasich Left Washington

“When I […]

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A new CBS News-New York Times national Republican poll shows that Donald Trump, the bombastic billionaire from New York City, maintains a commanding lead over all other Republican rivals with the exception of one. Ben Carson, a one-time neurosurgeon and the only African-American in the GOP race for president, jumped considerably as he now holds second place to Mr. Trump.

For the rest of the Republicans, it’s sad news indeed about how low they rank when compared to Trump and Carson. When asked which one of the Republican candidates they would like to see the Republican Party nominate for […]

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It’s pure speculation on how local, state or national news media would treat a Democratic governor whose administration was as complicit in altering, falsifying or obfuscating for-profit charter school data as has been the administration of Gov. John Kasich.

Gov. Kasich’s fast footwork on the issue is needed to keep it from exploding beyond Ohio’s borders. Mr. Kasich is currently concentrating his hopes to be the Republican nominee for president next year by relocating to New Hampshire, a small libertarian-leaning state where he’ll fade fast if he doesn’t place at least third come next February.

To boost his sad national […]

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Former Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden once told a player “Son, you’ve got a real good engine but your hands aren’t on the steering wheel.” The same can be said about John Kasich. He rambles, free-associates, preaches and occasionally waves his arms as if he’s signaling semaphore. It’s reasonable to wonder if he will be taken seriously as a presidential candidate even by Republican primary voters. However, his candidacy could cause a scandal in Ohio.

Kasich has better chance of competing for the nomination than conventional wisdom predicts. There are 16 declared candidates. Only several have a genuine chance […]

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Gov. John Kasich visited New Hampshire this week, bragging that he could do for it what he has done for Ohio. For Republican primary voters who don’t know how Kasich rolls, here’s a tip: his carefully crafted story is big-time bogus. But that’s basic Kasich, deceive and mislead when you can to avoid telling the truth, especially when the truth hurts.

Politico reports Saturday that John Kasich’s super PAC, New Day for America, is running a full-page, color ad in the New Hampshire Union Leader Sunday repeating the same primary talking points that may sound great to low- or no-information voters. […]

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The question asked Tuesday by many Washington watchers who continue to be entertained as one Republican after another enters the race for the White House was, “Why not John Kasich?”

Brad Friedman, the host of a nationally syndicated radio talk show on all things political, including a strong focus on green energy news, pondered why Kasich would run, and whether he offers anything different than the other 15 candidates who have left the shadows to come into the light of presidential politics?

Simple answer: Because Kasich can. The GOP field is fluid, and the money for aspiring […]

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Gov. John Kasich loves to spread his peacock feathers showing how pleased he is with his job creation numbers, mentioning he’s now “created” 360,000 private sector jobs.  That number sound impressive by itself. But when the numbers are put into context, the go-go CEO governor who thinks his record in Ohio is proof he can lead the nation sounds as out of touch on this key issue as he does on so many others.

New data from Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages shows Ohio gaining 69,953 jobs between 3Q 2013 and 3Q 2014, a growth rate of 1.4 percent […]

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