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As Mike DeWine’s pay to play scandal continues to unfold, we are seeing new evidence and new stories about the widening scope each week.  This week was no exception…

Back in January we found out that law firms seeking work with the AG’s office have donated $1.3 million to DeWine, the ORP and Mike DeWine’s son, Hamilton County Appellate Court Judge Pat DeWine.    And recently it was revealed that lawyers from firms seeking special counsel work with DeWine have donated over $359,000 to his campaign.

DeWine and his team continue to claim that the contracts are awarded to the best firms, and […]

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The Cleveland Plain Dealer Editorial Board recently endorsed Robert C. Horrocks Jr., an openly gay Republican who believes in Marriage Equality,  over Richard May, an openly bigoted doofus with no other platform, in the Republican Primary for Ohio’s 9th Congressional District.  The winner will lose in a landslide to incumbent Democrat Marcy Kaptur in November.

While the PD didn’t seem too wildly impressed with either Republican candidate, they were able to immediately disqualify May because of his “apparent bigotry against gay men in the GOP.”  May denied an earlier report in the Toledo Blade claiming he […]

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In an earlier Cookbook story we discussed howMike Gonadakis, head of Ohio Right to Life, used the influence of his anti-abortion organization to support Mike DeWine in his campaign for AG.   Once DeWine was elected, DeWine granted Gonadakis special access to himself and his top staff, enabling Gonadakis to grow his lobbying business.

Last week, ProgressOhio revealed that a similar arrangement seems to exist between DeWine and Phil Burress, head of the anti-LGBT group Citizens for Community Values (CCV).

After spending years criticizing DeWine for being too liberal, Burress and CCV suddenly changed their tune and publicly endorsed […]

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On Sunday evening Kasich signed a two-year budget bill that will drastically change Ohio law to include some of the most restrictive anti-abortion measures in the country.   It not only forces women to get unnecessary medical treatments, it also defunds Planned Parenthood and aims to shut down women’s health clinics around the state.

Anti-choice groups around the state cheered Kasich for signing the bill.   The news also seems to have permeated the cracks of the slime pit where some of Ohio’s most extreme bigots dwell.

I speak, of course, of Phil Burress – the anti-Gay […]

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When it comes to the power and sway Ohio’s social conservatives hold in our state, especially the homophobic ones, a lot has changed in Ohio in the past nine years.   The story of Phil Burress provides a good example.

Mr. Burress is a self-professed porn addict turned head of Citizens for Community Values, an organization that has crusaded against LGBT rights, pornography, and adult-oriented businesses in Cincinnati.

Remember when Ohio revised its laws regarding strip clubs a few years ago?  That was Burress.

In 1993, during the apex of his political influence, Burress was part of the campaign to enact Article 12 […]

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When Republican Senator Rob Portman announced that he’d had a “change of heart” about same-sex marriage after finding out his own son was gay, we expected a backlash from Ohio’s anti-gay conservatives.

Sadly, that’s just what we got.

First up was anti-gay activist and former porn addict Phil Burress of Citizens for Community Values who posted about Portman on his website the same morning Rob made his announcement.

According the post, Portman called Burress the evening before to explain the situation.  Burress responded by telling the sitting United States Senator that he was wrong to support his son.

Burress then offered […]

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Legislator gone wild

On June 29, 2011 By

Hey, you know how sometimes you’ll get a call from a friend needing “bail” money for some charitable event for M.S. research?  You know how these events get all into character and take photos replete with booking photos, jail jumpsuit, and jail bars?

This is not one of those occasions.  Meet State Representative Robert Mecklenborg (R-Green Township), Member of the House State Government and Ethics Committee, and subject of booking photo 000718042311.

Mecklenborg was arrested in Dearborn County way back in April 23rd at 12:08 a.m.  He refused to take a breath test.  He was driving a car with […]

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Okay, so it turns out last week’s pronouncement that Kasich’s income tax repeal was dead was premature.

It turns out that there are two different ways Kasich talks about his own policy.  When he’s at a MSM media covered event or being interviewed by the MSM, he just talks about “reducing spending so that we may be able to cut taxes.”  But, apparently, when he’s on conservative talk radio, like he was on Friday, Kasich still “braves” to actually talk about repeal—even though he is afraid to use that term to a wider, less conservative audience.


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Governor Ted Strickland succeeded in getting new regulations that clarify that state employees can use family leave time to attend to “significant others” included partners in same-sex relationships.

The Columbus Dispatch reported that the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR)- a bipartisan legislative committee (and is chaired by a Republican) that reviews and holds limited veto power over administrative rule changes passed the Strickland proposal with virtually no debate.

Today, the U.S. Department of Labor issued new regulations that also clarified that unmarried, same-sex partners also may benefit from the Family Medical Leave Act when their partner […]

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Sometimes, when you browse the Google that John Kasich invented while ending special interests influence in Washington forever, you come across a headline like this that if you’re like me gets your imagination running wild with possibilities  Like how exactly does one disrupt mating?  By patrolling Moth Makeout Point?  Calling them randomly?

But despite dreaming up six impossible things by breakfast, I never imagined that Ohio would fight a gypsy moth infestation with a chemical that turns the male moths gay, which sounds like a weird plot line from a political satire […]

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Here’s John Kasich in 2006 on the Colbert Report dismissing the gay marriage amendment as a significant factor in the 2004 Presidential election:

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John Kasich has never been a darling of the social conservative scene as much […]

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