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Now that small government conservative Republicanism has returned to Ohio, what better way to celebrate than, you know, take a job in state government!  And we all have our favorite lifelong suckling of the government teat, homeland security consultant and former Kasich staffer Jon Keeling.  Word on the street is that returning to Ohio to clamp his lips onto the Ohio taxpayer’s flacid nipple is so important to Keeling, he’s already made this picture the screen saver on his government paid for cell phone.

So we’re taking nominations for the inevitable landing of Jon Keeling into Ohio state […]

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I can’t think of a better verdict on who won the 1960’s culture war than this.  It’s possible that no entertainer was made more irrelevant by the Beatles than Pat Boone, who is now an aging, embittered, pathetically inveterate teabagger selling meat.

According to the Sun-Times, “the business also will partner with other groups, including Focus on the Family and the Parents Television Council” and “expects to appeal to Christian, conservative women over age 55.”

Gives new meaning to the term, “eat it.”

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The Beatles on iTunes tomorrow?

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That’s what the WSJ is reporting.  Forget the Republicans taking over the world, this is the biggest news of 2010.

When I was a freshman at BGSU in 1985, I took a class called “The History of Rock and Roll”, which at the time was a ground breaking pop culture offering at any college.  The first class, our professor opened the hour by playing the number one song on the Billboard charts in 1964 the week before the Beatles arrived, which was Bobby Vinton’s “There I Said It Again.”  Then he played “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”, which […]

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Long story short.  Ted Diadiun writes typically vapid navel gazing apologia for PD bias, hilariously quoting Bill Mason toady, metro editor Chris Quinn (which Anastasia immediately notices).  People bring up Connie Schultz in comments.  Diadiun claims he and many others at the PD have long been “troubled by the obvious conflict” regarding Connie’s marriage to Sherrod Brown.

Connie, rather publicly, loses it.  As is her wont.

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Posted in its entirety after the jump.

November 11, 2010

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your incredibly generous support of the Ohio Democratic Party’s (ODP) 2010 Election effort.

Though last Tuesday’s election results did not go our way, your strong support allowed ODP and our Coordinated Campaign to nearly pull off an upset victory during one of the worst economic climates in generations.

How close was the election?

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As always, with an extra helping of snark.

BUY IT NOW !!!! any lectures on your faith is an extra $2.00

Go buy some.

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This is such a great story.

The board printed voter registration forms and voting instructions in Spanish and provided bilingual ballots for 71 precincts with sizeable Hispanic populations.

The county printed nearly 70,000 bilingual ballots for the precincts, almost all of which were in Cleveland. That cost an extra $30,000. Printing costs will increase about $400,000 next year for each extra page needed to include translated language of ballot issues.

The county’s test drive for the new ballots seemed to work well. Justice Department observers reported no problems or lack of compliance with the agreement, said spokesman Michael Tobin.


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Looks like Chris Redfern has been working the phones with a lot of people other than me.

The theory further went that as titular head of the party, Brown, who faces re-election in two years, would replace Redfern with trusted politico and former union boss John Ryan, who works for Brown.

In the insular ODP world that allows the AFL-CIO to give us Rob Burch, Lee Fisher, Marc Dann, etc., I suppose making John Ryan the new ODP chair makes all the sense in the world.  In a world where Democrats actually win elections, it makes no sense […]

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I’m starting to understand why the ODP’s field operation, by all accounts (including mine) a pretty good one, failed to deliver the Democratic turnout required in Tuesday’s close election to secure victory for Ted Strickland.

When I first heard the story of ODP paid canvassers bouncing checks, my first thought was….checks?  Who the hell pays street money in checks?  Most folks who are available to do this work, late in a campaign, do not have bank accounts.  They are unemployed, a street money campaign gig is often the most money they will make that month, maybe all year.  And […]

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Unless the PD is filled with naive children who have never opened a civics book (possible!), that’s the only explanation for their moronic take on the very first caucus of Democrats elected to county council, which was cancelled last night.

Democrats elected to Cuyahoga County council planned to meet privately today and choose a council president, but scuttled the meeting on concerns about its propriety.

The turnabout happened Friday after some council members objected and The Plain Dealer editorial board raised questions about the party caucus.

“Concerns about its propriety” means “PD whined about the Republicans not […]

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Incredible Mick Jagger thingy

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I’m digressing but I’m trying to explain where we came from. We didn’t have a template. Nothing against Steven Tyler, but there’s a difference. We felt around in the dark; we were famous within weeks; and, in the end, we left a body or two behind us. We did these things, good and bad, together; we were friends.

I’m not even half way through it, and it’s awesome.  (BTW, I got fooled – not far into the comments, it’s clear it’s a hoax…or not.  Who knows with these guys.)

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