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Gov. Kasich’s mouthpiece, Rob Nichols, says he does not understand why so much attention is being given “to a plan that was not implemented for a policy that was never implemented,” according to the Columbus Dispatch.  The “plan” in question was one to allow drilling in state parks.

Rob, it’s not just the “plan” that matters. It’s the pattern of lying about the plan – and lying about lots of other important things, too.

This is the third time in four months that the usually Kasich-friendly Dispatch has called out Kasich over similar lies.

Here is how it unfolded.


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The Columbus Dispatch’s bromance with Gov. John Kasich is obvious. At least to those reading the paper’s coverage of him.

But there are now reports that some member or members of the Wolfe family empire are among the secret, early investors in DriveCapital, that questionable venture capital firm launched by Kasich’s pals that got off the ground with $50 million from Ohio State’s investment office.

The Wolfe family owns the Columbus Dispatch, WBNS TV, Columbus Alive, WBNS radio and bought, then closed, the Other Paper.

Drive Capital co-founder Mark Kvamme began discussing the fund with OSU administrators, including close friend […]

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Ohio sits — once again – at the center of America’s abortion wars.

This time, the death of a 22-year-old woman is the spark that ignited the war, and her tragic death has given Operation Rescue an opening to do what it does so well:  Lie and incite violence, including murder.

Operation Rescue has announced it will take part in a Tuesday press conference to discuss the death of Lakisha Wilson, who died over the weekend just days after being transported from an abortion clinic to the hospital. The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office has not determined the cause of […]

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Is your gas bill too high? Gov. Kasich thinks it should be even higher.

Buried in his latest budget bill is a plan to saddle homeowners and businesses with clean-up costs utilities could face for abandoned manufactured-gas plants, according to an editorial in The Plain Dealer of Cleveland.

Some background from the PD:

“Before natural gas became widely distributed, utilities manufactured gas. They heated coal or coke, then sold the resulting gas, initially to provide lighting….

“In a 3-2 decision last fall, now under appeal to the state Supreme Court, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio agreed […]

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A new poll shows the Ohio governor’s race is a toss- up, and it signals trouble ahead for Gov. John Kasich’s re-election.

The survey of likely voters shows Kasich polling at just 40% against little-known Democrat Ed FitzGerald, who is Cuyahoga County’s executive.  Kasich’s trouble among conservatives is reflected in a 6% showing for Libertarian Charlie Earl, and the remaining 16 % are undecided, according to Public Policy Polling.

A survey in early November found Kasich and FitzGerald tied at 41 %.

“Although there’s been a fair amount of movement toward Republicans nationally since that time, the state of this […]

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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is a master at getting positive news coverage for doing his job.  Among the best, consistent coverage centers on his efforts to rid the state of illegal slot machines used first in internet cafes, then in veteran and fraternal halls.

Well, looks like Ohio’s top cop is suddenly backing away . What’s changed?

Former Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bob Bennett, a consultant to the company that makes that machines, has been urging legislators to help his client. Bennett has scheduled a Dec. 16th high-dollar fundraiser for DeWine at his home. A $500 donation will get […]

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A legislative panel made an odd request of the Ohio Lottery last week: Come prepared with a presentation this week (MONDAY) that would explain just how the Lottery plans to maximize its profits.

The request comes 13 months after the Kasich administration paid a New York firm , Moelis & Co., more than $15 million to produce a plan to maximize profits from all of the state’s gambling endeavors: Horse racing,  racinos, casinos and Lottery.

The Moelis deal was astonishing for two main reasons:

The unusually high, multi-million dollar fee it received. The Plain Dealer’s Brent Larkin said Moelis’ […]

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GOP lobbyist Neil Clark tends to tell anyone willing to listen, and some or don’t care to, that he and Gov. Kasich are tight.  Clark even claims he worked extra hard elect to Kasich, mainly to settle scores with enemies in the Strickland camp. Everyone, it seems, is “out to get” Clark,  according to Clark. So he tries to even scores. Scores  of scores.

So why the sudden attacks on the Governor?

Clark seems to be using his Facebook page in an attempt to send messages to Kasich appointees.

Recently, he commented on a note Vorys editors added to their […]

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The Toledo Blade – usually known for solid reporting – published a shoddy series last week that suggested former Gov. Ted Strickland decided which businesses got taxpayer-financed incentives based on which gave political contributions to his campaigns.  Reporter Kris Turner not only based his conclusion on no evidence, he also glossed over or ignored facts that contradict his conclusion.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the series let Gov. Kasich’s mouthpiece get away with insisting he would never stoop to such lows.

The Blade series in a nutshell:

“People employed at businesses that received more than $327 million in loans […]

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Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel ran such a shoddy, dishonest campaign that even the GOP-loving Columbus Dispatch endorsed his Democratic rival, Sen. Sherrod Brown.  You know the drill: Mandel lied over and over, got caught and kept on lying.

Journalists are now debating whether he so badly damaged himself that he really won’t be America’s first Jewish president – as he and his frat brothers/political appointees are fond of predicting.  Chutzpuh indeed.

While it is a bit early to know what fate will bring Ohio’s pants-on-fire king, it is not too late to survey the damage Mandel has already done to […]

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As his legislative career winds down, Senate President Tom Niehaus did the right thing:  He decided NOT to pass legislation to defund Planned Parenthood AND not to allow the extremists in his party to pass an unconstitutional bill intended to ban all abortions.

It didn’t stop there. According to the Toledo Blade, Niehaus went on to actually defend Planned Parenthood:  “I think you have to look at the entirety of the work that’s done by Planned Parenthood, and I believe that they offer much needed services that are not available other places, so I chose not to take up […]

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