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I’ll do it – and “report” back – if you ask.

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A little something else for Veteran’s Day:

The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE), released findings from their analysis of three surveys related to veterans and volunteering. Their report shows that volunteering helps bolster ties to the community and eases the transition back to civilian life.

Fifty-five percent of volunteering veterans say the transition is going well, a full 9 points higher than non-volunteering veterans. Forty-eight percent of volunteering veterans also report that the needs of their family are being met, compared with 38 percent of non-volunteering veterans.

Check out the report here.


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My friends at the Alliance for American Manufacturing directed me to this depressing article on the “Fastest Dying Cities” from Forbes. It says that Youngstown, Canton, Dayton and Cleveland are among the “worst” cities.

Luckily, AAM also linked me to this video about how this destruction of my home state can be reversed:

It looks like the federal government is extending a hand, but where are the companies – and the jobs? The fact that 84% of the stimulus money set aside for investing in clean energy has gone to foreign companies tells me something is […]

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I work for a small business.

I just got married.

I thought it would be a good idea to investigate whether or not I should switch to my husband?s health insurance plan.

I had no idea how HUGE the price difference would be!

My company struggles every year to figure out how to continue covering our employees ? my boss covers all of our premiums and gives us the best insurance he can. There have been years when we decide to skip any pay increase so that we can maintain our health insurance coverage (which has gone up 30% in […]

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If I were still in school…

On September 4, 2009 By

…I would think adults are all crazy.

I haven’t posted anything here in a long time, but when I saw this story, I had to write something.

I have to hand it to Bill Bush, the reporter, for this lead:

School districts across central Ohio learned yesterday that the list of things parents want their children protected from — drugs, predators, violence — now includes the president of the United States delivering a “stay in school” message.

As he notes, George Bush also addressed the nation’s students in a similar back-to-school message and I don’t remember stories about […]

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On September 10, 2008 By

Labeling the same old Bush-McCain policies as change? Still the same old policies.

Putting lipstick on a pig? Still a pig.

I think the analogy works and the Obama campaign should not be bullied into shying away from it.

Anyone else agree?

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God and Weather

On August 29, 2008 By

Anyone remember that idiot “praying” for God to send a big rain storm on top of Mile High Stadium during Obama’s speech? Well, seems God has other thoughts…see what happens when you pray for bad things to happen to other people! God, the universe, whatever you call “it” decided instead to remind us all – during the Republican Convention – of how the Republican administration treated poor Americans during/after Katrina:

NEW ORLEANS — Fear and foreboding gripped this still-mending city Thursday as a potential Category 3 hurricane whirled toward the Gulf Coast on the eve of […]

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W.A.R. for V.P.

On July 19, 2008 By

I was going to write about this bit of news:

Ohio must include the Libertarian Party’s nominees on its ballot in November, a court has ruled, complicating Senator John McCain’s effort to win conservative votes in a hotly contested state rich in electoral votes.

But as I was reading the article, I decided to google Mr. Wayne Allyn Root, the vice presidential candidate on this Libertarian ticket. Assuming the facts on Wikipedia are correct, he is a:
* business mogul,
* television celebrity,
* TV producer,
* best-selling author, and
* professional sports […]

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According to the Renewable Energy Policy Project, more than 20,000 new manufacturing jobs can be created in Ohio in the coming years with investment in and from the “green” economy. Four town hall meetings – on June 23 in Cincinnati, June 24 in Findlay, June 25 in Canton and June 26 in Cleveland – will offer community members a chance to learn more about opportunities for high-paying domestic jobs in renewable energy, clean technology and “green” manufacturing, while also discussing environmental and economic risks associated with accelerated climate change.

In conjunction with Vice President Al Gore’s We Campaign, […]

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Will pigs fly next?

Okay, I have to quickly say that I live in Virginia and our Democratic party had a great night last night – we took back control of the state senate, again emphasizing that Virginia is not really a “red” state.

Back to the subject of this post…seriously, Pat Robertson is endorsing Rudy Guiliani? What happened to all his “preaching” against gay marriage, abortion rights, etc.? Looks to me as though the thought of Hillary Clinton as president is making Robertson crazy. I guess he’s looking anywhere for someone who might be able to beat her […]

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Putting profits ahead of people

On September 7, 2007 By

I didn’t hear much about this yesterday, but there was a hearing before the Senate subcommittee looking into the UT mine disaster last month. More evidence of how pathetic the Bush Administration is…and I agree with the president of the United Mineworkers (full disclosure: this is another union my company works with) that SOMEONE needs to be held responsible, especially when these details start coming to light:

Reporting from the hearing, and for the AFL-CIO blog, was Mike Hall:

Much of this morning?s hearing centered on a controversial mining plan submitted by Murray Energy Corp. and approved by MSHA […]

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