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Just before Labor Day weekend, The Guardian dropped one helluva piece about a right wing alliance of so-called think tanks who have banded together to launch an all-out assault to “defund and defang” unions representing teachers, police, firefighters, civil servants, and all other government employees at every level.

It’s no secret and no surprise that networks of reactionary private interests are continuing their assault on public sector unions and collective bargaining. Nevertheless, the jaw-dropping report from The Guardian pulls the sheets back on a new, massive, 50-state effort to destroy public unions and cripple the progressive politicians who fight to […]

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The Trump Administration, in its unending cruelty, is continuing to sabotage Obamacare, with 90 percent cuts to efforts to educate consumers about health coverage options, many being hungry Ohioans using food banks. This move will dismantle years of progress and harm untold thousands of Ohioans.

One of the primary populations served by the Affordable Care Act navigator program are Ohio’s most vulnerable people – those hard-to-reach people struggling in hunger and poverty without healthcare.

Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, executive director for the Ohio Association of Foodbanks, took the Trump Administration to task for this careless, heartless harm they are inflicting on people […]

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Steve Dettelbach has spent his career working to make families safer and to hold the powerful accountable.

As a prosecutor for more than two decades, and a U.S. Attorney, Dettelbach never lost a federal criminal trial. He worked with law enforcement to prosecute terrorists, drug dealers, corrupt politicians, polluters, and corporations that preyed on Ohio consumers. At the U.S. Department of Justice, Steve led one of the nation’s largest crackdowns on human trafficking and stood up for the rights of every person.

A husband, father, and native Clevelander, Dettelbach is running for Ohio Attorney General in 2018 to put his […]

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We can’t say we’re surprised. We’ve come to expect the worst from ECOT. The private charter school enterprise was caught bilking Ohioans out of $60 million and has now spent at least $2.25 million more in taxpayer money paying its legal fees and tens of millions more on advertising itself.

As ECOT founder Bill Lager says, “It’s not about the (expletive) children… It’s about the money.”

From the Columbus Dispatch:

ECOT has spent at least $2.25 million in taxpayers’ money to pay attorneys for its thus-far-unsuccessful fight to keep the state from basing its funding on whether […]

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Ohio U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown spoke out today against President Donald Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that gives immigrants brought to the U.S. as minors the opportunity to work.

“President Trump promised to go after violent criminals, not innocent children,” Brown said in a release Tuesday afternoon. “We should not be targeting young people who are working, going to school, paying taxes and contributing to this country – the country they grew up in and the only home they’ve ever known.”

On Tuesday morning, Trump trotted out Attorney General Jeff Sessions to announce his decision […]

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Dayton Mayor and Democratic candidate for Ohio Governor Nan Whaley released a video Tuesday outlining her vision of making Ohio a state of lifelong learners, by expanding Dayton’s successful City of Learners initiative statewide.

“When I became Mayor of Dayton, I set a big goal – that we would be a city of lifelong learning, nonstop education from cradle to career and beyond,” Whaley says in the video. “Ohio should set a similar goal – to be a State of Learners.”

In 2014, Whaley launched the City of Learners initiative to increase learning opportunities for all of Dayton’s children […]

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Well, it looks like while prescription painkiller overdoses are down, overall overdoses are way up. This problem has already been off the rails. Now it’s down the cliff and into the river.


Last year, 4,050 Ohio residents died of unintentional drug overdoses, up 32.8 percent from 2015, according a state report released Wednesday. …

State officials are attributing the surge to stronger drugs, including fentanyl and the emergence of a similar drug, carfentanil. Carfentanil was involved in 340 overdose deaths, most of them in the second half of the year, according to the […]

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Ohio Gubernatorial candidate Betty Sutton proposed Wednesday that Ohio create a new Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity.  Sutton’s proposal would put Ohio workers at the center of economic policy and planning, while streamlining state bureaucracy focused on training, worker safety and job growth, a release said.

“I believe that when workers are at the center of our policy we will increase jobs and wages and prosperity. As governor, I will make Ohio the ‘Opportunity State’ — a place that creates opportunity for everyone,” Sutton said.

Sutton announced her new proposal at a rally at the Iron Workers Local 17 […]

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State Sen. Joe Schiavoni announced a comprehensive plan to increase job growth and employment through targeted investments Tuesday. This legislative package is the latest in a series of bills the senator has introduced to improve Ohio’s small business climate and bolster job growth, a release from Schiavoni’s office said.

“We’ve spent too long waiting for the Republicans’ plan to work,” Schiavoni said. “It’s time to proactively invest in our state to expand small businesses, strengthen our economy, and create good paying jobs right now.”

This legislative package, which will be formally introduced soon in the Ohio Senate, will help grow […]

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Former U.S. Rep. Zack Space understands the dysfunction and the rigged game that is killing true democratic representation in Ohio, and America, and he is running for Ohio Auditor in 2018 to fight it, to fight for us.

Space announced his candidacy for auditor Tuesday during a four-stop statewide tour, starting with an event in Martins Ferry and followed by events in Zanesville, Columbus, and Lima.

“Ohioans in every corner of the state know that our democracy is broken,” Space said, announcing his candidacy. “Too many feel left behind and ignored by a dysfunctional process that caters to wealth and […]

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This is the type of news that gives me hope. Shontel M. Brown is a young, smart, energetic leader with a background in small- to midsize business who will hopefully push the Cuyahoga County Democrats into a bright, new future.

The Cuyahoga County Democrats have come a long way since the rule of boss Jimmy Dimora, who is serving a 28-year sentence on corruption charges. This key county for Democrats needs strong leadership, and there’s all the reason in the world to think they’ve found it in the 42-year-old Brown.


Cuyahoga County Democrats elected both their first black […]

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