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News broke Wednesday that Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Secretary of State Jon Husted are teaming up in the 2018 Ohio Gubernatorial race for the Same Old Thing Ticket.

Both DeWine and Husted have been in power in Ohio for decades and under their watch the Buckeye State has suffered endlessly. Stagnating wages, pay-to-play corruption in Columbus, the rigging of elections through gerrymandering, voter suppression and disenfranchisement, attacks on workers, attacks women’s rights, attacks on LGBTQ+ equality, an out-of-control opioid epidemic that has Ohio leading in overdose deaths, it’s all happened while DeWine and Husted have […]

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Ohio U.S. Congressman Jim Renacci sided with Big Pharma Tuesday at the City Club of Cleveland, criticizing lawsuits against drug companies that have contributed to the Buckeye State’s overdose epidemic, which claimed the lives of more than 4,000 Ohioans last year.

Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper said in a release that Renacci is trying to run for governor but he doesn’t have the first clue about how to deal with the nation’s worst opioid crisis, which is happening right here in Ohio.

“First, Jim attacked Medicaid, which has been the single-biggest resource in fighting this crisis. […]

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Betty Sutton, candidate for governor, sent a letter Tuesday to Ohio Gov. John Kasich calling for his administration to revoke Rover Pipeline LLC’s 401 Water Quality Certification that allows the 369 miles of pipeline project to cross 631 individual streams and 88.9 acres of 352 wetlands, and instead re-permit the company on a rolling basis based on water crossings or portions of the project after thorough review.

“History shows that this company can’t be trusted, and at a minimum we have to make a statement that Ohio can’t be rolled over by Rover, and that we have leaders who will hold it accountable and […]

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NELSONVILLE – With the Trump administration having defunded advertising for enrollment in health-care exchanges, some private nonprofits are trying to pick up the slack. To that end, the group Get Ohio Covered held a press conference in Nelsonville last week highlighting the importance of obtaining health insurance.

Enrollment at for insurance coverage in 2018 through the exchanges set up by the Affordable Care Act is available through Dec. 15. The enrollment period began Nov. 1. Outside of this enrollment period, people can only enroll otherwise if they qualify via certain life events such as getting married, having a baby, […]

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Dayton Mayor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nan Whaley has announced a plan to implement a nickel per dose surcharge on opioid distributors once she’s elected governor of Ohiom, a press release last week said.

“We know who’s responsible for the heroin crisis and in a Whaley administration, opioid manufacturers will pay to clean up the mess they’ve created in our state,” Whaley said. “With the dollars we’ll collect with the nickel per dose surcharge, we can begin to restore vital public safety services to the communities on the front lines fighting this epidemic.”

In 2016, the State Board […]

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Ohio Attorney General candidate Steve Dettelbach announced last week a series of reforms he will fight for as Attorney General to combat sexual harassment in Columbus and Ohio state institutions.

Dettelbach’s plan will reinstate reforms in the Attorney’s General office that were rolled back under questionable circumstances in 2014, and will put in place new procedures in public workplaces to permanently end the culture of silence that allows offenders to continue abusing victims.

“I’m introducing this plan because it’s clear that too many in positions of power in our government – whether it’s in D.C. or Alabama or Columbus – […]

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Plan Establishes The Right In Ohio To A Sexual Harassment Free Workplace

Democratic candidate for Ohio governor Betty Sutton last week released Ohio’s first comprehensive plan to combat sexual harassment and sexual assault in state government. Her plan establishes the right to a sexual harassment free workplace.

The plan builds on Sutton’s call to create a Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity as well as a bi-partisan letter organized by State Senator Charleta Tavares and efforts by the Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus and Senator Tavares to address the pervasive misconduct in the state legislature, a press release said.

Sutton will create an […]

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Candidate for Ohio Auditor of State to highlight systemic issues of political justice during stops in nine Ohio River counties

Ohio Auditor candidate Zack Space will kick off his 3-day, 11-stop “Ohio River Tour to Restore” in Lucasville on Monday, Nov. 27, followed by stops in Lawrence, Gallia, Meigs, Athens, Washington, Monroe, Belmont, and Jefferson counties.

“This tour is about restoring Ohioans’ faith in our broken political system,” Space said announcing the tour. “There is no better place to highlight the need for political justice than in Appalachian Ohio.”

Space represented all or parts […]

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ATHENS – State Sen. Joe Schiavoni said Thursday that southeast Ohio has been left out of the equation when it comes to investment from the state, and if he is elected governor next year he will change that.

Schiavoni, a Democrat from Boardman who is also an Ohio University alum, is seeking his party’s nomination to run for Ohio governor in 2018.

Schiavoni took a tour of southeast Ohio on Thursday. The tour started with a roundtable discussion at Tecumseh Theater in Shawnee (in Perry County) about sustainable development in Appalachia.

He then attended a roundtable discussion in Nelsonville about […]

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Congressional Budget Office Says Senate Tax Bill Would Kick 13 Million off Healthcare, Raise Premiums 10 Percent and Force $25 Billion Cut to Medicare

Ohio U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown voted against so-called tax legislation in the Senate Finance Committee Thursday night that would actually dismantle the Affordable Care Act and force cuts to Medicare.

Throughout the course of the committee consideration of this bill, Brown offered multiple amendments to try and cut taxes for working people in Ohio, prevent jobs from being sent overseas and protect the healthcare of Ohioans, a press release said. All of those amendments were blocked […]

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Ohio Attorney General candidate Steve Dettelbach called out current term-limited AG Mike DeWine and other career politicians in Columbus in a press release last week for using voter purges to rig the electoral process.

Dettelbach, the former U.S. District Attorney for Northern Ohio who has spent his career fighting corruption, penned an opinion piece in the Columbus Dispatch urging the Ohio Supreme Court to reject the political gamesmanship of voter purging and uphold the Sixth Circuit court’s ruling that the Jon Husted-purge now being defended by DeWine violated the National Voter Registration Act.

Dettelbach also called on Ohio voters to conduct […]

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