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Tomorrow the Ohio Board of Deposits is holding its monthly meeting in Columbus and if the past 13 months are any evidence you should probably not bet on Ohio’s absentee Treasurer Josh Mandel attending. Since being elected as Ohio’s Treasurer, Mandel has attended exactly zero board meetings. He seems to care so little for this portion of the job that, according to The Toledo Blade, Mandel didn’t attend the meeting in January because of a $500 a plate fundraiser he was holding in D.C. for his Senate campaign.

Granted, the Board of Deposits meetings are not the most riveting […]

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You know what portion of State government is booming under the Kasich administration? Security and detail for the governor. According to Gongwer, yesterday at controlling board the Ohio State Highway Patrol asked for an appropriation increase of $2.7 million in fiscal year 2012. The funds will be used to provide security to the governor, other state office holders, dignitaries, and security around Capital square and other state property.

For those keeping score at home though this is not the first increase the Highway Patrol has requested under Governor Kasich. In December 2010, Kasich announced he was not going to […]

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Two Republican staff members received a combined $210,000 to serve for three months has the secretaries for the Legislative Task Force on Redistricting. While it was assumed that both staff members would serve in their positions as state employees, instead the Republican members of the Task Force entered into contracts with their respective private companies and paid them $105,000 a piece.

Documents included in the Ohio Redistricting Transparency Report show that both Heather Mann and Ray DiRossi entered into contracts with the Task Force to be paid $105,000 a piece. Republican members on the task force entered into […]

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Our baby face Treasure Josh Mandel is at it again. According to recent reports Mandel refused to speak at the Akron Press Club any time over a seven month period because his campaign said he was “too busy”. Which if you think about it, taking seven months to decline an invitation to speak about his campaign is almost exactly how long it took him to file his campaign finance forms – maybe that’s what they mean by “too busy”.

According to the Plain Dealer, the Akron Press Club is a non-partisan form that political leaders are invited to attend […]

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United States House Speaker John Boehner and political advisors close to him played a key role in determining how redistricting lines were drawn according to emails in the Ohio Redistricting Transparency Report.

Tom Whatman, Executive Director of Team Boehner, and Adam Kincaid, Redistricting Coordinator for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), played key roles in directing Ohio state house Republicans on how exactly they should exactly draft redistricting maps.

In January of this year Tom Whatman was named Executive Director of Team Boehner, a PAC to work in tandem with the NRCC and the Republican National Committee to elected […]

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According to the Ohio Redistricting Transparency Report released this afternoon, Republican lawmakers at the state house implemented a strategy of deliberate secrecy to withhold information from the public about redistricting efforts. The documents paint a picture of lawmakers who purposely operated in a legal gray area to prevent their actions from ever being made public.

For months, Republican lawmakers and staff meet in secret to work on redistricting efforts in possible violation of Ohio’s open meetings law. The documents show a Republican party that are so obsessed with privacy that they used taxpayer dollars to rent a secret hotel […]

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The Mandel campaign’s permanent aversion to the truth flared up again this month and it looks like some people noticed this time. Not once, not twice, but three times Josh Mandel and his friends were called out for airing attack ads that were called “ridiculous” to “inaccurate” by non-partisan, third-party fact checking organizations. Three times in one month! In hockey we call that a hat trick.

In one particular mind numbing example Josh Mandel took to the airwaves and claimed that Senator Sherrod Brown was “egging on” the Occupy Wall Street protesters to spit on police officers and defecate on police cars. […]

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Well, this should come as a surprise to exactly no one, but according to reports published last week, Josh Mandel’s public employee search engine seems to be a little inaccurate. According to ABC 5 in Cleveland, the State Treasurer’s office has been receiving reports from citizens who are looking their names up in the database only to see that salaries attributed to them are inflated. How inflated? Inflated enough that at least one school district wants Mandel to take down the site to fix the $1.6 million overstatement in salaries attributed to them.

School district treasurers and a university […]

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Man, it is crazy out there, am I right? I mean if it isn’t Issue 2 supporters making up facts, its Granny-gate, or the Supreme Court ruling in favor of allowing the redistricting maps to go to referendum. Remember when they said this was going to be an off-year election and things were going to slow down?

In all the action over the course of the last couple of weeks an important piece of news has gone somewhat under-covered. Guess who was the only Senator to successfully have a bipartisan piece of legislation pass the Senate that is […]

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In college I use to go home over the summers to Akron and work at a grocery store to make some extra money. Normally, when I worked at the grocery store I worked in the meat department but sometimes they sent me down to the fish department to cover for someone. I hated the fish department. It smelled like dead fish, it made me smell like dead fish, and I had no idea how to answer anyone’s questions. I remember once a customer asked me to cut some steaks off a whole salmon for him so I went in the […]

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128 days. That is how late Josh Mandel is in filing his personal financial disclosure forms with the United State Senate. Senate rules require every candidate who declares to run for a Senate seat must file their disclosure forms within 30 days of doing so. Back in April Mandel declared his candidacy for Sherrod Brown’s Senate seat and he we are almost five months later and he has still yet to file them.

While this probably isn’t news to people who frequent this blog it seems to be brand spanking new to newspapers around the state. Just this weekend the […]

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