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Thanks to nearly $3 million in outside spending by Republican groups, Republican Troy Balderson posted a narrow victory in the August special election for Ohio’s 12th Congressional district. In November, he’s on his own.

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The Trump Party, Such As It Is

On October 9, 2018 By

I hope all of you survived the past week’ s further degrading of Congress with the rigged Republican seating of Brett Kavanaugh to, allegedly, the highest and wisest court in the land.

With Donald Trump’s howling wind at their backs, the minions were left with no other options for servility.  Clearly, the decision was locked before the Senate Judiciary Committee had voted. “Nobody,” Trump once bragged, “knows the system better than I do.  That’s why I alone can fix it.” (Have you yet noticed the president’s heroic way with words?”)

The fix began a year ago when the president’s caddies […]

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Mike DeWine has used his position as Attorney General to find ways to limit women’s access to birth control and abortion. As Governor, he would be far more dangerous.

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Jon Husted would have run a better campaign than Mike DeWine and everyone knows it.

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Underreported in the coverage of a somewhat wonkish debate were the sharp contrasts between DeWine and Cordray that it illustrated.

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