Zack Space, the Democratic candidate for State Auditor, recently received the endorsement of the Columbus Dispatch. The candidate that was cozy with ECOT did not get the Dispatch endorsement. The point here is not who was endorsed but the fact that ECOT is toxic to those that aided and abetted the fraud-ridden business operation.
The Columbus Dispatch states: “(Space’s) plan to increase the number of special audits is a good use of the auditor’s powers, for example to assess the full impact on the public of for-profit charter-school operating companies and the controversial embrace of private prisons
Ohio badly needs someone like Space on the panel that in 2021 will draw new state election-district boundaries and, possibly, Congressional districts. Ohio’s gerrymandered districts, both for the state legislature and Congress, have effectively disenfranchised thousands of voters and favored candidates on the extreme ends of the political spectrum.”
Millions in tax money could have been saved and tens of thousands of school children could have been rescued from educational deprivation had ECOT been held accountable from the beginning.
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