So it is Donald Trump vs. Barack Obama on the stump.  Agent Orange vs. Black Light, the latter an instrument used to determine flaws and repairs in objects.

The mock matchup of the current president and the ex is an easy call:  Obama is expressively Mr. Cool – masterfully calm,  thoughtful, authentic in dealing with today’s realities.  None of these attributes apply to The Uncool Donald,  who lives worriedly in a world that’s a vast laundromat where his fortunes flow, roll and tumble out of sight of yokels, rich and poor.

Now, Obama is making a bid to change all of that, to expose the kid from Queens as an empty suit and appealing to all who agree to GET OUT AND VOTE in November as if, say, your health insurance and a lot of other personal needs depend on it,

Trump and Obama will now be sharing precious news time until the November election, which will trouble Trump no end since his unique mirror only reflects his own image.  And it also may trouble some of the Trump Republicans who would prefer to distance themselves from his ludicrous presence.  It’s not a rhetorical question for Obama to ask, “What has happened to the Republican Party?”

Many of us can remember the GOP’s bread-and-butter attacks on dictators like Vladimir Putin.  And as Obama asks in his return to the arena:  Why is it so difficult to condemn Nazis? Good inquiries.

I may be an optimist, but I welcome the Black Light back and honestly believe that he will win this one-on-one of opposites.    As for the majority of Republicans who foolishly hang on for survival with Agent Orange, I don’t know.

I don’t know if there’s any spine left in today’s Trump Republicans on the November ballot.