The final week of the National Football League’s pre-season games was also one of Donald Trump’s classic exhibitions of brutish conduct that exemplified his derangement. As America’s quarterback, he managed to throw a half dozen more interceptions, fumbled all over the field and argued against rigged unnecessary roughness penalties by dishonest officials that made no difference in making the NFL and America great again.

They were, after all, exhibition games, which are the sort of theatrics that assure Trump of a raucous gathering at his rabid love-ins.

About the week:  He delayed a childish flat response to Sen. John McCain’s death, and by Thursday was back to what he does often:  Tending to his unrequited ego with a rally in Evansville, Ind. to soften the distraction of a national memorial for the passing of a military hero. We await the moment in which he will argue that the size of his rally at the Hoosier site in a tomato red state far exceeded the McCain mourners at the Phoenix Baptist Church in the senator’s home state of Arizona rally, even when combined with the turnout for the late Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin.

Without proof, Trump also attacked Google as a rigged force against him and accused his nemesis, Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions, of having a …um…”southern” voice.  Folks, you can’t make this up.

He then tweeted that the originally reported Puerto Rican hurricane fatalities were a mere 64 but boasted that although the count rose to 2,975 despite the U.S. “fantastic” response, and yes, he had tossed rolls of paper towels to the eager survivors.

All of this without ever again mentioning McCain, as he piled up the distractions all week that included the loss of his favorite goon, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who finished a poor third in a Republican Senate primary. Yes, that Joe Arpaio who Trump had pardoned.

So, the Indiana rally couldn’t come too soon, filled as it was with Trump diehards who traveled many miles to hear his breast-beating rant.  Grand Canyon would have made more sense for the gathering.


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