U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown announced new legislation Monday that would send any federal money recovered from the now-shuttered Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow to Ohio school districts. He said he drafted the bill with ECOT in mind, but it will be worded in a way that would allow school districts in other states to obtain recovered funds if a charter school overbills for student attendance.

Politics aside, federal funds should be recovered from ECOT and sent to school districts. There has been little news coverage about the $130 million Bill Lager has received from the federal government for his ECOT scam.

Charters have spent (much of it misspent) $11 billion in state funds. Additionally, charters have spent billions in federal dollars.

It is amazing that state and federal officials have been so lax in monitoring the hundreds of billions that have been diverted to charters.

It is time for the public to demand transparency and accountability of the failed charter experiment.

Just wondering…why haven’t taxpayer watchdog groups investigated the tax revenue waste in the charter industry?