Women’s Equality Day should not be a thing. It could easily be dismissed as a participation trophy, but for the love of all things holy, we had to fight hard to participate.

The day honors the 1920 adoption of the 19th amendment, which (finally!) granted women the right to vote. The suffragettes were relentless, fierce, and focused. We need a little bit of that right now.

With the current President, the mid-term elections and the Kavanaugh nomination, it’s downright scary to be a woman today. But this makes me even more grateful for my right to vote, so you had better believe I’ve going to exercise that right in November.

I’m in Ohio’s first congressional district, which is being sabotaged—or Chabotaged—by its current Congressman, Steve Chabot. His voting record is atrocious for women. For example, he voted for the American Health Care Act (AHCA), which was the GOP attempt to repeal (but, not replace) the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The ACA was a victory for women’s health. Plain & simple. It brought us closer to health equality than we’ve ever been.

It opened up access to affordable health care for Americans at large, but especially to women who, prior to its passage, routinely delayed care because they lacked insurance or faced high deductibles.

It improved our preventive care by providing for things like annual mammograms, well-woman visits, birth control, and breastfeeding support at no cost.

It made sure women could not be charged more, simply because we are women, nor could we be denied health-insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition, such as breast cancer, pregnancy, anxiety or depression.

Yet, my Congressman Chabot wanted, and wants, to take that all away.

So, yeah, women’s equality shouldn’t need a day. But, I’m damn glad for it. It reminds us of what Susan B. Anthony herself said, “there will never be complete equality until women themselves help to make the laws and elect the lawmakers.”

See you at the polls, ladies!


Michaela Rawsthorn

Resident of OH-1