“We showed no care for the little ones. We abandoned them.”

That concern was expressed by Pope Francis in the wake of the explosive report that more than 1,000 children had been sexually abused by more than 300 priests in Pennsylvania.

But he could very well have been referring to the thousands of kids separated from their parents Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy on immigrants, with 564 still in undisclosed faraway places.

Not that the president cares that much about other people’s kids while his own are in worrisome circumstances in the Russia probe. In a recent speech in Charleston, W. Va., Trump bragged that his promised impenetrable border wall is now being built. Like so much of what he says, it isn’t true, not that his eager audience gives a damn about what’s true and what isn’t.

And now that he is politicizing the murder of a young Iowa woman by an undocumented Mexican youth, the wall talk is a handy path to his brutal anti-immigration crusade. But I do have a question:

If you can arouse the populace with attacks on undocumented Mexicans, can you do the same for real American white guys like Stephen Paddock, an American realtor who killed 58 innocent people and wounded hundreds of others at a country music festival in Las Vegas? Are all realtors, former and otherwise, now murderous enemies of America? Hell, that would even include chaos developer Donald Trump.