Do you think Simon and Garfunkel might have had the Republican congressmen in mind when they wrote “The Sound of Silence”? Given the fact that the creepy pols obsequiously duck into the nearest cave when the issue of the monster in the Oval Office adds a few more shreds to our democracy, one must decide that they, too, are bluffing when they solicit your vote as wannabe leaders.  They are not.  Nowhere is that more evident than in Ohio where the Trump Republican ticket has nothing at all to venture about Donald Trump.

That group would include Mike DeWine, who is free-wheeling his feel-good right-wing wares in his campaign for governor; Rep. Jim Renacci, the party’s Senate candidate who was among the first to regale us with the goodness of Trump; and Ohio Sen. Frank LaRose, secretary of state candidate and an early member of the Trump cheering section. LaRose who praised the president for creating an ill-considered voter fraud commission, an ad hoc group that would be choreographed by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, widely known as the King of Voter suppression. Fortunately, the group died shortly after birth for lack of momentum.

The voter fraud thing has been a go-to scare tale for years and gained more attention when  Herr Trump hilariously said he would have won the popular vote if there had not been 3 million fraudulent votes cast.

In fact, despite LaRose’s dedicated concerns to wipe out the non-existent hoodlum votes, not even Kobach, after an eight-year reign as the chief of his state’s balloting, could come up with more than nine convictions of voter fraud.

To this I would lift this warning from Sound of Silence:

“Fools, said I, you do not know silence like a cancer grows.”