Is there anything more useless in White House slithering than Sarah Sanders’ daily encounters with reporters at the press briefings?  Slithering?  If she is asked whether Thanksgiving will be celebrated in November, you can be sure she will respond that “the president has been very clear that he wants to serve all of the people.”

And if his side doesn’t do well in the mid-term elections, will he abolish “Merry Christmas” as the official greeting of Christians?  Reply:  “The president has been very clear that he wants to protect the safety of all Americans.”

In Sarah-talk, there has never been any question about her ability to repeat Trump’s words so carefully scripted for clarity –  talent that has shamefully managed to protect her life as a press secretary in the midst of such an exodus by so many others, but of late, she has been showing signs of irritability by the erosive effects of reading the script.  She referred to former veteran CIA director Brennan’s” wild outbursts” and “unfounded and outrageous” allegations. (She has yet to refer to him as a sulking con man worse than her boss.)

Sarah, you are young enough to have a life after Trump.  Will you be able to forever face your family and friends in church?