It finally seems that ECOT is dead. Today the Ohio Supreme Court ruled 4-2 against ECOT’s appeal and sided with the state. This upheld lower court rulings and determined the state acted lawfully when it ordered ECOT to repay millions for unverified enrollment. However, the matter of collecting ill-gotten money from the ECOT Man and his two companies is still pending.

The decision came with Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, Justices Patrick Fischer and Mary DeGenaro and appellate judge W. Scott Gwin, sitting in for recused Justice Judith French, forming the majority.

Fischer explained in the majority opinion that the Ohio Department of Education enrollment formula adds a condition that when calculating a student’s enrollment time. An “e-school” cannot claim more than 10 hours of student participation in any 24-hour period.

“We determine that (state law) is unambiguous and authorizes ODE to require an e-school to provide data of the duration of a student’s participation to substantiate that school’s funding,” the opinion said.

It was a sad day for students and taxpayers when state officials in Ohio created the unregulated charter industry. Inferior education and corruption followed.


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