The white flash mob that turned out for Herr Trumpf’s rally in Tampa with vulgarities and fist-waving threats to the media was in brutal contrast to a friendlier moment the day before as superstar LeBron James hosted the opening of his Foundation’s grade school in Akron.

In Florida the cheers went out for a president, having now downed his quart of Muscle Milk and executed his defiant game face with tight lip-synced push- button grins, rose in the grandeur of his chilling opera.

In James’  hometown of Akron, where he entered the real world without the benefit of a $1 million gift from his father, James declared the event to be one of his most uplifting moments that surpassed his movements award the basket.   In physical presence and mission, he was easily so much taller than Trump Tower.

“Surreal,” James told the Beacon Journal, on the first day of the I Promise school for 240  third and fourth graders who entered with academic and social problems. For LeBron, it was another step in his Family Foundation’s ongoing commitment to kids who otherwise might not make it.  He recalled his own troubled start of attending four different schools, an education that was finally salvaged by helping hands.

As he recalled:  “As a kid from Akron, Ohio, myself, I remember walking the streets…I know exactly what these  240 kids are going through…I know everything that they dream about. I know all of the nightmares that they have because I have been there.  I know exactly why they want this.”

For Trumpf, his daddy’s million-dollar seed money could not prepare him for a defining moment to stand before youthful have-nots and deliver a rite of passage.  Speaking in Tampa, puffy and secure before a sea of Make America Great signs,  Trumpf could only do what he does best:  Lie.

He talked about ID cards required by grocery stores, cards that don’t exist, at the checkout counter and how important it was for him to revive Merry Christmas greetings that were once socially incorrect. Huh?

He promised to campaign daily in the fall for congressional candidates (while we pay for a touring president on his own self-serving political path).

Oh, he also demanded that  Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions halt Special Counsel Mueller’s Russia probe.  Did somebody mention obstruction of justice?  His lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who is hanging around for the laughs and fat paychecks, tried to explain.  But, as usual,  I didn’t understand his shifty gibberish.

LeBron James vs Donald Trumpf. Thanks for the slam dunk LeBron.

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