As the world watched the heroic efforts to rescue the young soccer team trapped in a Thai cave, one thing was stuck on our brains. We could only think of the President’s indifference to the plight of thousands of migrant kids who are unspeakably lost or detained by the president’s monstrous “zero tolerance” policy. He assured us that he had solved the problem with the sleight of his pen days ago but as with most of his empty self-serving pronouncements that wasn’t true.

The theater of the absurd has continued to the point of having a one-year-old child appear before a judge for reasons well beyond me.  We can only hope for the welfare of America’s global image and the mental health of the kids separated from their parents. One should wish that the Thai rescuers head for our land to repeat the same remarkable success story for the young migrants.

In the meantime, we should ask about the absence of institutional religion as the horrific mess is played out. While there is speculation that Trump is playing to his religious pro-life base with theocratic hypocrisy and opposition to same-sex marriage for his appointment of Brett Kavanaugh but not against vulgarity and bedding down with porn stars, the MIA’s are the “holygarchs” at his side.

The week also witnessed the boisterous return of Rudy Giuliani, a Pagliaccio figure commanding the stage before the final curtain,  and Alan Dershowitz, a retired iconic law professor who now bellyaches that he is being shunned by former friends on  Martha’s Vineyard because of his soft spot for Donald Trump.

It’s regrettable how many marquee players have trashed their polished legacies for Trump, who gave up his own long before he entered the Oval Office.