Shame on me.

As Donald Trump puffed up in his comfort zone – another defining moment for the gangland Don – with his Supreme nominee standing by – we awaited the flood of clichés that would seal Trump’s latest bond with his sacred base. No hyperbolic flame could be a hotter reminder that the U.S. Constitution was in the safest hands.  Even the nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, told us so. ” Impeccable!”  “Unsurpassed!”  roared The Don…Al dente.

There had been days of speculation that a Kavanaugh on the Court would be the vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, thus sending desperate women into dark alleys with coat hangers for sinful acts.  And same-sex marriage would be ripped from marital vows much as the kids from their mother’s arms at the border. We could be sure of that.

But then I saw Kavanaugh’s small assembled family:  a wife and two daughters.  Only two?  There had to be a rational explanation. Contraceptives? But isn’t the Catholic church, of which the nominee is a deeply respectful member, opposed to condoms and other birth control devices?

Physical problems for child-bearing moms? That, too, could be a reason. Or maybe simply another defense against potential pregnancy by whatever works to limit the size of families.

I don’t know. So, I have to turn to ruder initiatives. Here goes:

Upon meeting any male Republican candidate this year with the safe assumption that he is highly loyal to the president, I would ask: Do you favor a ban on vasectomies? If he refuses to respond to such an invasion of privacy I would liken it to the privacy of a woman’s body, the president’s reference to pussy-groping notwithstanding.

Well, in Ohio, that would be appropriate for Trump Republican Rep.  Jim Renacci, who is running against Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown.  C’mon Jim.  Do you support a ban on vasectomies?  And how about you, Atty. Gen. Mike DeWine, who would like to be governor?

And Sen. Frank LaRose, a candidate for Secretary of State; and all of the other Republican candidates on the ballot?  Yes or no on vasectomies.

“V” with two fingers pointed up in the familiar victory sign language.

Remember this at the next Trump rally in your neighborhood:

Or the inverted scarlet letter for abortion.