Nelsonville City Councilman and 94th District State Representative Candidate Taylor Sappington announced on social media that he will not accept money from corporations or billionaires.

“I refuse to accept any corporate money into my campaign,” says Sappington. “…it is unethical and is corrosive to our democracy to take corporate money and then turn around and tell the people that you actually stand for them. Folks down here can and should see right through that type of dishonesty.”

The 94th House District is comprised of Meigs County, and parts of Athens, Washington and Vinton Counties. And fitting for the 94th district, the Sappington campaign’s average contribution is $94 versus +$1,600 for the opposing campaign.

Sappington is running a campaign focused on infrastructure improvements in Southeast Ohio, improved healthcare access, and integrity in public office. He argues that accepting corporate money makes candidates beholden to their donors before the people they are elected to serve.

“Despite gridlock in the Statehouse that halted the legislative session for two months, our elected officials continued to bring home taxpayer dollars and campaign donations,” Sappington continued, “I will never accept a paycheck I have not worked for. I wish that our current representatives in Columbus could say the same.”

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