I must begin today’s sermon with a question posed by Donald Trump. He asks, ever so poignantly: “When will Americans start to say, ’Thank you, Mr. President?'”

For an autocratic half-wit president who has led the country into a humiliating dive from democracy, the answer can only be: Never.

It is as though the country is in the hands of one of the national shredding companies, like Iron Mountain, whose service trucks boast of “safe and affordable destruction.”

This week Trump has managed to “disinvite” the Philadelphia Eagles, the Super Bowl champs, to a White House reception because the optics would be devastating to his ceaseless life of photo-ops. Only a handful of the players that Trump hadn’t scorned in the Kneel-gate scandal would show up. It was a moment that LeBron James and Stephan Curry, two of the greatest basketball achievers in the playoffs, told Trump not to bother inviting them because they wouldn’t come anyway.

Meanwhile, he also canceled a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron because he needed time to prepare for a meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, a historic get-together. This is the very gathering that Trump had shrugged required no preparation for him because he had been “preparing all of my life” to meet Kim.

At the same time, he was shilling for Russian dictator Putin to get that country back into the G-7 after the industrialized nations had booted out when Russia annexed Crimea.

On the lighter side, he praised Scott Pruitt, the EPA administrator for giving Americans “cleaner air and water.” Pruitt must be doing this when he isn’t tasking his 24-hour security team to help him find his choice moisturizing cream or running other errands to pick up his clothes from the cleaners. Of course, it should be noted that Pruitt has 15 ethics violations aimed at him. When asked about it, Trump slid off the question with his favorite evasion: “We’ll see what happens.”

Long after then, we’ll keep the “Thank You Mr. President” on hold. Forever.