A May 27 Columbus Dispatch Capitol Insider article poses the question, “Who gets credit for reining in ECOT?” It seems the Attorney General wants credit.

The article quoted Joshua Eck, DeWine’s gubernatorial campaign spokesman, who said: “Mike DeWine is the only elected official who has made real progress in this case.” Eck went on to say “Everything that has been done about ECOT has been done through the attorney general’s representation.”

Yeah, right.

Now that disgraced ECOT is politically toxic, various politicians want to the credit for its demise. The State Auditor has filed a motion to intervene in the Lake Erie West lawsuit which requested the court to appoint a receiver to manage the closing of the ECOT operation. The State Auditor’s angle in failing to intervene is that he wants the guarantee of access to data but in a way that addresses confidential student records and information protected by attorney-client privilege.

The reality of who-gets-the-credit question is that state officials should get NO credit. Public school advocates, whistleblowers, and the media exposed ECOT. State officials got involved after it became apparent that they would be held accountable for not getting involved.


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