Got this “Wanted” flier in the mail from the Sierra Club, whose environmental concerns I fully share.

That’s Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt, a creep who has been fouling our air and water with an ongoing series of moves to deregulate controls as a well-paid hit-man of wealthy coal barons in Kentucky, West Virginia and other battlegrounds to declare an end on the alleged “war on coal.” (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s favorite term.)

Not since people started dropping dead from lung disease and other respiratory disorders has there been such an official menace to people’s health than Pruitt. Long articles have been published to record his fatal fingerprints on the environment. The latest appeared on the front page of Sunday’s New York Times that charted his servile captivity by Joseph W. Craft III, the powerful billionaire who owns Alliance Resource Partners, down around Lexington, KY. Craft has contributed millions to President Trump, Pruitt and others who share his views that an unregulated coal industry would provide more jobs to the miners who haven’t coughed and wheezed themselves into graves.

Pruitt was spotted in a choice seat at a University of Kentucky basketball game reserved for people like Craft who contribute at least $1 million to the school. (He’s no stranger to accepting handouts, having lived in Washington for a while paying no more than $50 a month – a place owned by plain folks with strong ties to the administration.)

Always prepared to return a favor for a price, the president appointed Craft’s wife Kelly Knight Craft to be the ambassador to, of all places, Canada, a benign country up north that has just made Trump’s enemies list and accused him of insulting the former ally.

Pruitt, a paranoiac who has flown first class, ordered a $42,000 sound-proof telephone enclosure for his office and maintained around-the-clock security detail, needn’t worry about this job, bounding along with a cinder trail at his back. Despite the Sierra Club and other environmental groups, he doesn’t seem to be any danger of Trump firing him for the ugliest of his actions, with coal barons tightly on his side. The president can devote all of his time to all of his other problems that are above his law.

So, if you have reason to go to Kentucky and other coal states, be sure to take a mask.