The National Education Policy Center (NEPC) study issued May 1. 2018 provides a mountain of evidence that the online charter industry is bad for taxpayers, students and society. The state policy that permits students to enroll in online charters is abusive to a lot of students. If state lawmakers are bent on continuing the online charter industry, they must provide a screening process that eliminates those students who do not have the capacity to succeed in an online environment. Many, if not most, students don’t have sufficient self-discipline skills at a young age to work independently. Rules for online charters must be completely revamped.

The study states, “Evidence related to inputs and outcomes indicates that students in these schools differ from students in traditional public schools. In particular, school performance measures for both virtual and blended schools indicate that they are not as successful as traditional public schools. Nevertheless, enrollment growth has continued.”

The for-profit management companies must be outlawed. Only school districts should be permitted to sponsor online programs.
The Electronic Classroom of Tomorow (ECOT) has brought shame on Ohio and its state officials. That’s because the ECOT Man took advantage of the grossly flawed laws and rules regulating the industry. Other major for-profit online management companies operating in Ohio may be guilty of using ECOT-type student enrollment practices. State officials must move quickly to uncover fraud in other charter operations.