From the daily archives: Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The National Education Policy Center (NEPC) study issued May 1. 2018 provides a mountain of evidence that the online charter industry is bad for taxpayers, students and society. The state policy that permits students to enroll in online charters is abusive to a lot of students. If state lawmakers are bent on continuing the online charter industry, they must provide a screening process that eliminates those students who do not have the capacity to succeed in an online environment. Many, if not most, students don’t have sufficient self-discipline skills at a young age to work independently. Rules for […]

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Let’s see….  It was more than a decade ago back in 2006  that then-congressman Sherrod Brown defied conventional wisdom by running against a securely seated Republican, Ohio Sen. Mike DeWine.

The risk was clear, or so some of Brown’s Democratic political supporters feared, that he would dare give up a safe 13th District House seat to challenge a hard-right social conservative  who, to this day, remains firmly in the grip of the National Rifle Association while assuming a cautious political profile that has been regularly polished by Ohio media.  But it has hardly been a profile in courage in a day […]

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