From the daily archives: Monday, May 14, 2018

This is the second part of “The Ohio Dark Money Blows Its Cover” series.

A recent lawsuit appears to have disclosed the identities of some of the Washington power brokers behind the dark money that has flooded Ohio elections since Citizens United. The lawsuit, brought by Larry Householder, accuses several defendants of making false and defamatory statements through the medium of political attack ads. The lawsuit names Conservative Alliance PAC, GRP Buying, that company’s owner Nick Everhart as defendants; it also names several individuals associated with the American Conservative Union (ACU). These ACU-affiliated individuals have denied involvement with the […]

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Some Ohioans believe nothing has changed due to the Ohio Supreme Court decisions in DeRolph v. State. That is far from fact. A lot has changed. There are more than 1,200 new school buildings in school districts across Ohio in response to the DeRolph decisions. The percentage of the State General Revenue Fund (GRF) budget allotted to public K-12 education has increased from 34.5 in the fiscal year 1992 to 43.9 this fiscal year following 42.8% in FY 2017 and 42.9% in FY 2016. That is quite significant; HOWEVER, part of that which the state gave, the state took away and the current […]

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If pageantry and pretense rely on fantasy to achieve their fullest effect, you should prepare for the longest star-spangled parade in America’s history – led by Donald Trump, who boasts of being the brightest and boldest star in the firmament.

As the exalted ruler of the Kingdom of Base, the president loves patriotic displays of empty loyalties. This mighty procession from the White Guy House schedule has already given us his ceremonial plans to celebrate his vast accomplishments to make America great again as he crusades as the parade marshal on a long journey through the Old South to the […]

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