Ohio Auditor of State Dave Yost detailed ECOT’s financial records as a part of his investigation into potential illegal activities of the online charter school as a part of its closing.  Among Yost’s findings is nearly $2.3 million in payments in 2017 and 2018 to a company called Third Wave Communications.

In August 2016, we wrote about Third Wave Communications as ECOT was doing business with them back then, too.  Missing from Yost’s January 18, 2018 letter is any mention that Third Wave Communications is operated by Jessica Harris – Jessica “Lager” Harris, that is – ECOT founder Bill Lager’s daughter.


Jessica Lager Harris with her father, Bill Lager (below right).


If you read our full article from back then, you’ll see that not only Jessica involved with Third Wave Communications, bu Bill Lager’s companies, IQ-ity and Altair Learning Management, had direct involvement with establishing the media company.

Will this relationship be investigated further as a part of the potential charges by prosecutors or the Attorney General as it should be for a direct violation of Ohio Ethics Laws?

From the Ohio Ethics Law Overview manual:

Public Contract Law (R.C. 2921.42(A)(1), (A)(2), (A)(3), and (A)(4)):

There are four main restrictions in R.C. 2921.42. The laws prohibit a public official or employee from:

1. Authorizing a public contract in which the official, a family member, or a business associate has an interest [R.C. 2921.42(A)(1)] [NOTE: This is the section that prohibits nepotism, or authorizing an employment contract for a family member. See Chapter 10 ];

2. Authorizing an investment of public funds in which a family member or business associate has an interest or from which a family member or business associate receives a fee [R.C. 2921.42(A)(2)];

Or will it be swept under the rug and continue to be ignored as ECOT’s actions have been for years?