An April 17 Fordham Institute review of the Governor’s education legacy shows Fordham and the Governor seem to be on the same page regarding education issues.


  1. The Governor established the A-F Report Card. Fordham laments that it is now in jeopardy.
  2. The Governor provided passionate support for the Third Grade Guarantee. Fordham says the jury is still out on the effects of it.
  3. The Governor’s early efforts focused on lifting limitations on the creation of new charters and providing facility assistance but then supported charter sponsor evaluations and additional charter school accountability. Fordham says charter accountability could be a lasting legacy for the Governor.
  4. The Governor attempted to eliminate public employee collective bargaining but failed. Then he championed Teach for America (TFA) and statewide teacher evaluations. Fordham wonders if these changes will last.
  5. The Governor, early on, focused on expanding private school choice. Fordham laments that many of Ohio’s lowest-income students have little opportunity to access private school choice.
  6. The Governor eliminated the “evidence-based” school funding model. Fordham says the current school funding formula is a vast improvement over the evidence-based model. Wow…how so?

Fordham relishes the fact that the money-follows-the-child idea is now an integral part of budget discussions.

Fordham, like Betsy DeVos, subscribes to the myth that school funds belong to the students-not the system-you know, the Ohio constitutionally-required system of common schools.

So, what would be a great education legacy for a governor? A governor that would accomplish the constitutional requirement that the state secure a thorough and efficient system of common schools would go down in history as the “education” governor.