From the daily archives: Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Democrats are now arguing whether Richard Cordray or Dennis Kucinich will be a better candidate. That’s a worthwhile argument as long as Democrats don’t become so divided that the supporters of the loser in the May primary refuse to vote for the winner in November. Democrats should not make Mike DeWine the next governor of Ohio through infighting, a possibility more plausible than it should be.

The question is whether the primary will become so rancorous that it causes a lower Democratic turnout in November. If so, the Democratic ticket from top to bottom will be in trouble. Ohio history tells an important […]

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An April 17 Fordham Institute review of the Governor’s education legacy shows Fordham and the Governor seem to be on the same page regarding education issues.


The Governor established the A-F Report Card. Fordham laments that it is now in jeopardy. The Governor provided passionate support for the Third Grade Guarantee. Fordham says the jury is still out on the effects of it. The Governor’s early efforts focused on lifting limitations on the creation of new charters and providing facility assistance but then supported charter sponsor evaluations and additional charter school accountability. Fordham says charter accountability could be […]

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I happened to watch some of Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Washington Twp.,  Mich., with the sound muted, and it did appear that he was a symphonic conductor with flopping arms and commanding presence leading the score.  But, alas, when I later turned up the sound, it was orchestral nonsense, much like a noisy Spike Jones performance engaging in the hysteria of his audience.

So, another chapter of making America great with the added flourishes of an orchestrated crowd chanting “ No-BEL, No-BEL.”

Chris Cillizza of CNN listed online 57 of Trump’s “most outrageous and offensive lines” at the rally […]

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