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Chen Xiangmei died last week at the ripe age of 94. If you were trying to fathom all of the hell breaking loose in Washington and the rest of the country, you probably were distracted and missed news of her passing. In fact, if it weren’t for an email sent by a friend in Rhode Island that contained a link to her obituary, I might have missed this news as well.

Chen, known in this country as Anna Chennault, died in her penthouse apartment at the Watergate complex in Washington.

That’s right. The Watergate. As I read her obituary in […]

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Last Friday, news broke that the FBI was investigating Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger’s “lavish lifestyle.”  Tuesday evening Rosenberger announced that he was resigning from the Ohio Legislature at the end of the month.

On Twitter, I suggested that this is the start, and not the end, of troubles for the Statehouse GOP. I even went so far as to speculate that Cliff Rosenberger might be cooperating with the FBI.

Speculation on Cliff Rosenberger resignation — he is cooperating with FBI and will flip on others in Statehouse.

— Joshua Adam Engel (@joshuaadamengel) April 11, 2018


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So here we are in April, the month of taxes, showers and… fools. T. S. Eliot thought to call it the “cruelest” month, but with two-thirds of the year remaining in Trump Americana, I wouldn’t dare go that far.

Painfully, the president gilded his re-election campaign for 2020 with a fly-in to Richfield. He revved up an invitation-only group of unionized operating engineers by assuring them that he was fully on their side in his relentless battle to make America great again against the evil forces called Democrats in Ohio

The visit was to be all about infrastructure, or that’s […]

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According to the poll, only 7 percent supported the transfer of the State Board of Education operation to the Governor’s office. HB 512 is a loser in all respects-in politics, implementation, and operation.

The Columbus Dispatch editorial stated, “With about 600 respondents in our sample, 91 percent said the state school board should retain its power. Just 7 percent voted for the change and 2 percent indicated they were undecided.”

According to a press release from the Ohio Education Association, House Bill 512 “seeks to consolidate the Ohio Department of Education, the Ohio Department of Higher Education and the […]

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This is the second part of this story which originally ran on March 28, 2018.

Up to this point, the only person who meaningfully connects the American mafia to the Trump-Russia affair is Donald Trump, himself. Trump’s connections to the New York-based predominately Italian-American mafia are well-documented. On the Ukrainian side, there are rumors of Russian mafia or Bratva (“brotherhood”) connections to the Trump-Russia affair, such as a diplomatic cable that claimed Dmytro Firtash – 45% owner of RosUkrEnergo – was in business with Semyon Mogilevich, one of the FBI’s most wanted crime lords.

Yet there may be another […]

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